Tips for travel and psoriasis.


Tips for travel and psoriasis.

Every vacation needs planning, but chronic travel like psoriasis requires extra work. Last summer, when my family traveled to south Dakota, I learned a hard way. When we had lunch at lapidus, we found that I had left the psoriasis drug in the compartment. The biological medicine I am taking can be kept at room temperature for a few weeks, but a hot car boot is another matter. By the time we got back in the car, the medicine had been destroyed.

Even after such mistakes, I still like to travel. For me, the key point is to think about how I manage psoriasis at home and modify these procedures as I travel. When taking psoriasis on the road, please note the following points.

Before you go

When I travel, I review my daily life to make sure I have everything I need. For example, in the morning, I use external drugs, take birth control pills, and use moisturizers – all of these things are on my packing list.

Packaging prescription drugs (and enough) is a top priority. Of course, you can pick up the items on the counter on the way, but it’s hard to replace the prescription drugs. Be sure to add a prescription in advance and ask your doctor and insurance provider what to do if you need medication outside.

Over time, I’ve collected a sample of travel size containers and moisturizers so I can travel in the future. I put them in an easy-to-wrap bag. Once when I had to attend a meeting, I forgot to take a prescription. Fortunately, I already have some medicine in my backpack.

I was worried about overpacking, and I still didn’t like to drag a big box on a short trip. But what’s important is that you can wrap everything you need to protect your skin and feel comfortable.

In the course of the journey

Once you start your trip, whether it’s business or leisure, it’s easy to let your health maintenance program slip. Keep reminding yourself that you still need to manage your health.

When I grow up, family travel often means doing as much as possible. This can lead to stress, which can lead to outbreaks of psoriasis.

When I plan to take a vacation, I try to schedule and rest as late as possible. Getting to the airport early can reduce anxiety. If I need to calm down, I will practice mindfulness, prayer and deep breathing. Taking time out to exercise can relieve a lot of stress. Most hotels have gyms, so there’s no excuse.

Let people know if your situation requires special arrangements. When I stay at a hotel, I ask if they use a cleanser or perfume that might irritate my skin. If you live with friends, then to the requirement of hypoallergenic laundry detergent things may be very embarrassed, but once I explained my situation, I found that most people see.

When I travel by air, the dry air in the cabin will dry out and irritate my skin. I take a small container of moisturizer and I moisturize as much as I can. Moisturizing your skin is also important when you travel to a hot, dry climate.

Keep in mind that psoriasis may be exacerbated by injury to the skin, such as sunburn and maculae. I’ll put some sunscreen on it and use insect repellent.

Warm weather usually means exposing more skin. I remember taking a cruise to the panama canal when my psoriasis was particularly bad. More than 90% of the skin is covered by lesions. It takes courage, but I still go out on deck to relax and catch some light. I’ve learned to ignore people who stare. I’m going to explain what psoriasis is, and if they ask, it’s not contagious.


At the end of my trip, I usually have mixed feelings. I am happy to go home, where I can sleep in my own bed and resume my daily life. Meanwhile, I missed the adventure of my trip. After the trip, I may need to follow up on my skin.

Last time I was away for a few days, my skin wasn’t good. Despite my best intentions and plans, it caused a flare. Once I come back, I have to check with my doctor, review my skin care regimen, and relax my daily routine.

Travel is a great way to experience different places and cultures, meet new people, and reconnect with old friends. The memories I get from these trips make it worth the extra effort to take care of my psoriasis.


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