You can play it on primetime TV.


You can play it on primetime TV.

Before the Australian competition and consumer commission vice chairman Alan o scheer (Allan Asher) said that if the prime-time television broadcast suggest modification method of therapeutic goods, may be false in prime time television touting cancer cure AD useless and potentially dangerous products.

On Wednesday in Canberra, the public debate on BBS “treatment supplies amendment of the federal government, Asher told attendees, the bill would cancel treatment supplies advertising filtered by the panel, and then publish or broadcast.

Instead, the bill would see the treatment supplies authority give more power to manufacturers who are responsible for false and harmful advertising and impose tougher penalties. TGA believes that these increased powers will be enough to prevent manufacturers from making false claims about drugs and supplements and substitutes.

However, Arthur told the Australian guardian that relying on deterrence or prosecution of manufacturers after an advertising listing would pose a risk to consumers.

He said: “these thousands of Australian consumers are turning to the Internet fraud, make those who do not work product loss, now these fraud can also be in the mainstream media advertising.”

“The more trouble consumers are suffering from these scams is the physical damage that can be inflicted on them. People buy these alzheimer’s, the prevention of heart disease, drugs for the treatment of cancer risk is very big, and people will avoid regular and effective treatment, these drugs can actually help them.

Asher is a TGA independent complaints settlement group that receives complaints about advertisements for therapeutic products. The process of the group and its pre-trial advertising will be cancelled.

“We have a reasonable consumer protection system in Australia,” Asher said. “people think that dangerous products will be enforced.”


“But in terms of therapeutic supplies, it’s the wild west. TGA don’t have the resources, experience or knowledge as law enforcement, the Australian competition and consumer commission, and other consumer authorities and other important matters to deal with, usually do not involve the therapeutic goods dispute, unless an important case.

“Until TGA has access to resources and expertise to manage the advertising of these products and to enforce stricter penalties, the pre-approval process for advertising should remain in place. TGA may take several years to get the proper reinforcement, and it may take up to a year to resolve the AD complaint. ”

At present, manufacturers can make almost any claim on the use of a reasonably low-risk product (known as “indications”). For example, a company might point out that a herbal product will “reduce the severity of a cold”. Before the product is registered, the manufacturer does not need to submit any evidence of these claims.

The bill would be considered by manufacturers to be limited to a list of limited products approved by the government. Health experts and consumer groups have asked the list to remain small to prevent manufacturers from making too many demands on their products.

“Everyone thinks this is going to be a good idea, because it will include a list of manufacturers’ crazy claims,” Asher said. “the government will allow more than 1,000 indicators to be included in the list.

“Everyone was shocked by the way the government took this cavalier approach. One of the worst is a list of government-approved lists, even on the list of homeopathy claims. The government has approved every malicious claim the manufacturer wants to make. ”

A TGA spokesman said the measure would simplify and improve the handling of advertisements for drugs and medical devices to the public.

“These changes will also increase transparency and accountability and impose tougher penalties for violations,” she said.

“It should be noted that there are no other countries where there is an AD review process for supplements because they are considered low risk.”


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