The eyes of the world’s drones: hippos, palm trees, scooters.

The Westpac Little Ripper UAV and Rescue Pod at Bilgola Beach in New South Wales, Australia. The same model was used to drop a flotation device to two boys struggling due to a nine-foot ocean swell.

The eyes of the world’s drones: hippos, palm trees, scooters.

In countries where our blogs are covered, we sometimes focus on the problems they face. But the images from the international drone photography contest remind us that every country has many aspects – the photos taken from above can provide a special perspective.

Here are three uavs that view the developing world’s eyes on one of the winners of this year’s competition.

The serengeti.

Yannick Wavre, a 30-year-old lawyer in Geneva, Switzerland, captured the midstream of the hippopotamus at a location in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. “My wife and I are part of our honeymoon,” he wrote to NPR. When they noticed a group of about 20 hippos waking up from a nap and approaching the water, they were waiting for the wildebeers to cross the river. Because hippos sleep or lie in the water during the day, this is an unusual opportunity to see their actions, so “we decided to take a closer look.”

“I really like photography as a hobby, but I’m tired of traditional landscape photography,” said Wavre. “he has been doing a different approach to drone photography.

Tropical island beach, Dominican republic.

Uav photographer valentin valkov, 33, was born in Bulgaria and lives in the port city of varna, where he works for a telecommunications company. He was a still photographer for seven years, he recalls by email: “late one night in 2012, I was watching YouTube, see pictures of the amazing drones, I immediately made a note in the wish list. I bought my first drone and started flying. “He went on to say that the drone” helped me raise my level of work and capture the way I see the world from a new perspective.”

Last June the Dominican republic, this picture was his special place: “this is where I put forward to the love of my life, after the merger, we went back to their honeymoon, bought my unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), I knew I had to come back again, from the above show the beautiful country. “This photo depicts palm trees and beaches in the Dominican republic of punta kana. He also filmed the drone.

Thai bridge and scooter.

The photographer Tom wieman (Tom Sweetman) in June last year in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Chiang Mai) on the flat River (Ping River) of across the narrow bridge, took two ride on a motorcycle aerial drones. He learned that, through the bridge, the locals had saved five kilometres – about 3.1 miles. About a year ago, Sweetman started drone photography as a hobby. “I love exploring tourist sites and experiencing more local landscapes and landscapes,” he said. “I travel around the world with my mobile phone and my drone,” he said, and “remain curious.”

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