John Williams, the classical guitarist, was still recording when he retired.


John Williams, the classical guitarist, was still recording when he retired.

Classical guitarist John Williams (John Williams) in 1978, Oscar winner “Deer Hunter” (” The Deer Hunter) played a leading role, his ears even reached millions of ears. But by then, Williams had been a classical star of a major record company and had toured the world many times.

He released his latest album “on the wing” earlier this year. Although he announced his retirement a few years ago, he is now 76 years old and playing every day.

“But I like it, so it’s not a problem,” he said.

He still likes the sound of a nylon string guitar.

“The sound itself is the magic of the guitar,” Williams said. “It may be more magical than any other instrument, even though it is a biased opinion.”

There are young players – several generations – who will agree. Jason Vieaux is a – his first classical guitar recording is a Williams box.

‘he’s the man, you know? Vieaux said. “I mean, he’s Michael Jordan, really, a lot, a lot of players, I mean, if he lived to be 100, he might play well.

John Williams has built a reputation that never clangs, never flustered. This has led some critics to call him clinical – but, to be fair, Williams is trying to get there.

John Williams (John Williams) when he was four years old in his Australian got first guitar Ryan Williams is a jazz guitarist, he was determined to see his son as a classical musicians.

John Williams said: “I am an only child who is not very sociable in school. “I’m not saying I don’t like my friends at school, but because I play the guitar and don’t play all the sports and do what most kids do, I’m a little lonely.

Williams was closely supervised by AndresSegovia, a 20th-century classical guitar pioneer. The experience began when Williams was 12 years old. Two years later, he entered his career.

In addition to the intense focus on music, Williams also got a strong sense of social consciousness from his parents. Once his career took off, he convinced him to label some of these beliefs. One of them was written by composer Mikis Theodorakis, who was imprisoned and exiled by the Greek military government in the late 1960s. Another feature is inti-illimani, an exiled Chilean group.

But Williams’s impact on the guitar world may be the biggest, in 1977, when he recorded the entire album of Paraguayan composer augustin barrios mangole music.

Berta Rojas, a Paraguayan classical guitarist, recorded more than a dozen American music albums. She points out that before John Williams, people outside Latin America did not know augustine barrios.

“I’ll never forget hearing this amazing guitarist playing the music of the most important Paraguayan composer,” rojas said. “John’s playing in this music, and with the support of a major brand, is the beginning of what barrios is enjoying around the world.”

Today, in large part thanks to John Williams (John Williams), Barrios (Barrios) music – had been abandoned by classical music folk music – used to be a part of the classical guitarist. This is another part of Williams’ contribution: the removal of the line between music and classical music, music in Europe, and music in the world.

Williams said: “I think, especially on the guitar, we can live, respond to and love of music from different cultures, we can play on the guitar, because plucked string belongs to common voice.

Throughout his life, John Williams has been open to the world around him in society, politics and music. What he heard was his own work.

Although he said he was not a “composer”, he began to write music seriously in the mid-1980s, as did his cousin’s farm in Australia.

“I was awakened by a bird in the morning and it turned out to be a dear Australian,” he said. “That’s the tune, I thought, ‘that’s unusual. A play the next day, asked me to do music for film, I’ll call them and said, “I’m sorry, you are wrong, you know – you are American John Williams (John Williams), who will do all the film music.

“They say,” no, no, no, no, we mean you, because we basically want the guitar, music, and we want you to write something. So I thought, why didn’t I crack it, I would use this little tune. ”

It became the main theme of the Australian film “the battle of Emma” and the first album of his own brand, “From A Bird”.

Williams has enjoyed more than 40 years of success, but in the first decade of the 1920s, music was struggling to sell. His record company began to search for video clips on his back catalogue, rather than the new music he had been advocating.

He smiled and said, “I mean I have a request for your pet to listen to music.” “Is there really no – hand heart, you know, you eat dinner classic, classic after breakfast, so I just thought, look, I’m tired of all this, so I think the only answer is I have to make their own”.

Today, Williams lives in southern England with his wife and dog. But music is still an integral part of his daily life.

He said: “if we can tie our thoughts to our own constraints or traditional limitations through our music, then our life experience will expand.” “We can actually learn a lot and adapt a lot and join in.”

John Williams certainly helped the rest of us.


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