“Game of thrones” season 7 episode 3: “I bring ice and fire together.”


“Game of thrones” season 7 episode 3: “I bring ice and fire together.”

Here, we’re rediscovering HBO’s game of thrones season 7. We’ll try to turn them around overnight, so we’ll start with them on Monday. Of course: predators abound.

To be honest: you’re waiting for these two shots. We are all.

These forecast, propaganda, they show you the Dany in the location of the dragon stone throne, they shows you Jon and Davos staring at this event, the event could have spent more time to keep their unique value, photography is dexter Holland.

Cruel, that’s it. Delay such joy. Deny us what it knows we want.

But then she came down from the throne. Walk to him and walk alone. She finally stepped into a two-pole, and they Shared the screen for the first time. Boom: the show has been about ice and fire. It’s right here. At last!


It doesn’t happen the way you want it to. They don’t click. This is like you invite one of your friends to drink, and you also invite you to the other a friend, because they have the same sense of humor, but you know they will get along with – this is not a set, you just want to both of them really, you know, let the other side – but then one of them said what mean about the TV program, it became another keep reddit plate, one of them spent the rest of the evening sniper in one another. But you’re not upset. You’ve seen enough rom-coms to know that this still counts as a lovely meeting. You have hope.

You poor, deceived fool.

But let’s come back.

“I’m not stark.” “SCREEEEEEEEEE!”

Credit map! Don’t stop at Casterly Rock or Highgarden. It’s weird. What gives? Does that mean we’re not going back to these places, so the producers feel it’s not worth adding them to the map.

Jon snow and dragon stone arrived in davos, where they are Leon, Missandei and host buff, cole eyes meet dothraki coast who seems to be really cold, sudden, hoisted out from the poison. To some extent, they have shaken off the deep fear of the sea, which is now basically a thunderstorm.

Jon and tyrion greeted each other like old friends. Missandei, ebullient, issuing marching orders: hand over your weapons! And your ship! And your claim to the north – alas, no destroyer, only your weapons and your ship will be fine now, thank you.

Davos tries to chat. Missandi rejected his efforts to stop. Let me tell you: Stickler’s grammar and protocol rules, bad gossip? I’m warming up to Missandei, guys.

Tyrion and Jon have come a long way toward the castle. Tyrion spoke of a good moment when he mentioned the low historical value of stark in the south, while Jon reminded tyrion that he was not stark as a jerk. Hint at the low dragon flyover/producer’s meta comment.

Dragon: “Screeeeeee!” *

* [no, honey, you’re a targaryen, dragon knows, I can smell it]

Melisandre visits Jon’s castle from a nearby sea cape spy. She joined Varys, and they stood there and traded barbs, just like a strange medieval brodchurch.

“I have done my job,” she said. “I brought the ice and the fire.”

Varys didn’t say that, just like you, or me, or any sensible person would say, “so you’ve made some warm water, it’s great, it’s great, it’s great.

Melisandre showed remorse for what she had done, although she did not explicitly mention the child, but she could see it in her eyes. The show has now put her on the arc of salvation, but I know her story is complete. She’s on her way to Volantis, but she’ll be back dead. She said that Varys would also die in Westeros, which apparently made him uneasy – a sign that the prophecy would come true.

Jon and davos enter the long stone throne room, Danny waiting for them. She looks small in the theater of this dramatic obsidian power, and the small one is definitely not where she wants to go. So Missandei picked out a lot of titles to make up for it, and put a lot of “legitimacy” into the mix. Davos offered Jon a title after some urging. Hey.

Danny pretend ignorance from the start, but then to Jon callas poured some gold in the history of the west rossi, he knows very well that it related to the sovereign in the north – or lack of identity -.

Jon pointed out that Danny’s father, the mad king, was a good, mad man.

“My father is an evil man,” she said. (” my name is FRAHNKensteen.” )

But Jon never looked back, dear, it was distracted from now. Now is what he wants to say – the white walkers, the king of the night, all of this. Some of tyrion’s good shots have worried his eyes – he hopes the two crazy kids have kissed!

But they come from different places. This program now explicitly pointed out that those who still focus on the iron throne (Dany, Cersei, Sansa, almost all others) the dispute between people with those who are in the process of destroying them (Jon) disconnect between the existence of the imminent threat.

SHE: “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms, I will.”

He: “you will be in power in a cemetery.”

Tilly asked why Jon’s request was so urgent. Surely they can deal with cersei first and then turn their attention to the threat beyond the wall?

(this is a problem that hasn’t been fully solved yet, so we put it in the mouth of the person.)

Jon just repeated, we don’t have time for the iron throne. Davos let the whole “Jon die, come back” thing, but recover, sort of. Just as Danny and Jon appeared to be abandoning them, Wallis entered the kitten’s footsteps with some bad news.

Donne’s done

The watered-out Theon Greyjoy was pulled out of the deep sea by a friendly Iron Islands ship – though considering Ironborn’s grayish white, we must define the word “friendly”.

Meanwhile, Euron Greyjoy – Ol ‘Johnny the Depth I robbed sometime in Davy Jones’s Locker, discovered a year supply of MAC Modern Twist Kajal Kit eyeliner, he will be prisoners Ellaria, Tyene and touch through Kings Landing into the streets of the red keep the throne room. He offers Ellaria- you remember killing the only daughter of Cersei, Myrcella, with a poisonous kiss – as a gift. (Ellaria catches a glimpse of the mountain and kills her beloved (to be honest, our love) Oberyn, and beautiful.)

Euron continues to dress up its own leather on the iron throne and says something rude to Jaime Lannister. Jaime Lannister responds.

In red keep dungeon, the sunrise who get another chance to throw out revenge on those who have wronged her – in this case, the Ellaria and Tyene – play it out like – I mean, a lot like – another scenario at the end of the sixth season in a dungeon, she put on the table “shame! Shame! Shame on her. Some of them, some of them, some of them chewing, some cruel and appropriate punishment (tyne’s kiss of poison). It was a good performance, but it was also a note that made me worry that cersei had achieved a dramatic effect and would soon be cancelled.

If you follow me, cersei will break into her brother’s room, and they will begin to get rid of the other’s loft. The next morning, she allowed a servant to watch them together. “I am the queen of the seven kingdoms, and I will do my best.” That’s not the kind of thing that a long-term character says.

A bravos banker meets cersei, who plays a noble character like Mark Gatiss, so it’s a good thing. Mr Bravos is trying to decide who to fight for the iron throne, and cersei is certainly a good example. Right here, we know that cersei’s cover story about the September bombing of Baelor was a “tragic accident” – from Gatiss’s expression that she was not making a fool of anyone.

Handsome dude.

Tyrion met Jon, one of the many windswept cliffs of longshishan – though it didn’t seem to be blowing like a breeze – and they made a small piece. It’s a wink to us, but I’m fine.

Tyrion could not have foreseen the route of outi greyjoy in the Denny fleet, which strongly suggested that although he was an excellent diplomat, he was not necessarily an effective general. He is a man of peace, not war. However, Jon was first and foremost a universal man – a man who survived the war, but was terrible at politics and persuasion. (we’re studying the advantages of Sansa.)

Jon asked tyrion how he could persuade people who didn’t believe in the white walkers to go with him. It made me feel that the program needed to answer the central question of the season.

The answer we got from tyrion: don’t disturb. Don’t try. They won’t trust you, so don’t count on them – just get what you need from them and get on the road.

This is the answer of a politician, not the general’s answer. This is opportunism. In this case, make sure he needs the tequila, whether he understands or agrees with his mission.

“Daenerys could have sailed for westeros, but she didn’t,” tyrion said. By the way, he’s talking to us, not Jon. For all of us, it took her six seasons to go through essos and have an endless conversation in a heated conference room. “Instead, she stayed where she was and saved many people from her terrible fate.” He did not add, “for the time being.”

The sage of tyrion sent Dany to meet Jon in another cape overlooking the sea. She told him that she would allow him to collect all the dragon blood he needed.

I don’t know what I expected in the last few episodes, but I certainly didn’t have a “deep discussion of mining licenses” in the pool.

Bran piece

Sansa is taking a walk through the west wing of Winterfell, giving orders to those who have been stripped off for bidding. We’re going to believe she’s good at it. Littlefinger was following his habits, following his habits, making his own Suggestions, and preparing for every possibility.

But I think it is safe to say, even though he will not abandon “your little brother isn’t dead, dead, or that important, but now he is a kind of creepy spiritual knowledge who want to brush the tree”.

Because that’s what happened: bran finally arrived at winterfell, causing sansa’s emotional reaction, a cool, isolated “what do you call a hug? Not from bran.

The brothers and sisters were catching up, but bran was the jedi Luke above all, and condescended to “this is hard to explain”.

He said, “I am a three-eyed raven.


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