We love songs: Cam O’bi, ‘tenderoff’ (Feat. Smino) ‘


We love songs: Cam O’bi, ‘tenderoff’ (Feat. Smino) ‘

As early as 2012, Cameron Osteen was famous for his music industry, known as Cam O’bi, and quit the boring job of Kohl’s in Las Vegas to pursue music full-time. He knew someone who owned a studio in Chicago, so he moved there.

“I live in the studio and sometimes sleep under the control,” obi told NPR. “There’s going to be a lot of people coming through this studio, and I’m going to sell programs for people here and there, and it’s all cash, like a barbershop.”

Obi-wan met Vic Mensa, who produced the song “LA, Hollywood.” He then collaborated with Chance the Rapper on Acid Rap in 2013. Soon, he was one of the more popular producers in Chicago. His work has spread: he recently wrote a LP in SZA, which is “The Doves in The Wind”. Kendrick Lamar.

That said, even though many hip-hop fans don’t know the name of Cam O’bi, they know his music. Now, after years of behind-the-scenes work, he plans to release his debut album, “Grown Ass Kid,” this year.

Obi had believed that he would stay with the producers. “I think it’s more believable in the background and more feasible,” he said. “Everyone says they want to sing a song, everyone says they want to rap, everyone says they want on the front, so I think, as a child, if I tell people that they will be a little doubt me,” yes, you and others.”

But listen to Cam O’bi sing and rap for his first single, “TenderHeaded”, and know he’s on the front line. The beat has a whimsy: his baby nephew laughs in sample audio, he adds some background music, he sings himself. His singing is not lost but expressive; He moved from his chest to the chorus’s confidence falsetto. Cam O’bi always has an iconic voice, but this time, he’s completely in it.

The lyrics to “TenderHeaded” came into his shower. “I remember standing there in the shower, stare at my dead on the comb hair, want to consider to comb my hair why so hurt that I feel when I think of comb hair is how to put my dead hair is separated from the new development, because the diapers of hair is not what, but a pile of breathing and new hair growth in a tightly dependent entanglements of the jungle.

A song about the journey of his hair is a way of talking about the pain and darkness of growing up, for conus obi-wan, who admits to being soft on his head. He wrote a song with the st. Louis rapper, Smino, and he also had a song.

“To me, innocence is uninhibited expression,” he explained. “In order to play a role in society, we have all learned to exercise restraint in this way of expression – this is what makes us emotionally traumatized and unimaginative adults.” Tenderoff was “the pain I felt in my own childhood, my innocence.”

Cam O’bi and Smino lead a tragic realization that the world is not created for our freedom. But “TenderHeaded” was also a victory; Remind us that we have freedom and we can take it back for ourselves.


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