Even if the travel ban is blocked, the artist is still in suspense.


Even if the travel ban is blocked, the artist is still in suspense.

President trump’s executive order on immigration limits visitors to the United States from seven muslim-majority countries, leading five federal judges to order a wave of criticism, lawsuits and bans. But the question remains who can and cannot come to this country. In the midst of the chaos were some prominent musicians whose personal lives and livelihoods had been put on hold.

Omar Souleyman, a Syrian singer, has worked with Bjork in recent years to perform at the music Nobel peace prize. Five years ago, he moved to southeast Turkey to avoid a war in his home in Syria.

Souleyman has a new album on the road and plans to tour the United States. He has toured the United States on 16 occasions. This time, his agent Mina and (Mina Tosti), said they plan to in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles and Arizona tour dates, and is a SXSW appearance plan in March.

Ribbon music YouTube.

The visa document for the trip has been under way since the executive order was announced. “If you’ve made an appointment,” she said aloud, “please don’t attend. Capital letters.”

There was an unspoken message behind the words: “you are not welcome, don’t come near us.”

Now the command is empty and Tosti doesn’t know what to do. Matthew Covey, the director of the nonprofit organization in the United States, is not advocating Tamizdat, a foreign artist, who helps apply for visas.

“It’s not a solution for art,” covey said. “Because, at least for the performing arts programmers, this is a temporary restraining order, we don’t know when will disappear, we will once again return to the ban, so if you run a performing arts institutions in here in the United States, you want to know in June, July, and even in March to reserve the speaker who – there are seldom venture sign a contract with one of the seven countries artist, in the foreseeable future.”

The rest are some of the world’s top musicians. Kayhan Kalhor is the artist of the Persian kamancheh, a bowstring instrument. Kalhor is the four-time grammy nominee and longtime collaborator of the cellist yo-yo Ma.

Kalhor was born and raised in Iran, but he is a Canadian citizen who lives in California. Now, he’s on tour in Iran. Isabel Soffer hopes to help him visit the United States in May. She is an American who makes concerts and festivals around the country and works extensively with artists in the Middle East.

“A lot of these incredible artists from all over the world are doing this kind of dance,” Soffer notes. “because many of them have very complicated mobility, where do they belong? Where do they live? What passport do they have? How do they work? ”

Mahdyar Aghajani Iran’s producer and composer, because his film “nobody know the cat” score is known, this is a film about Iran banned “recent documentary” underground music.

“Until two years ago,” Mr. Agarhani said, “we were considered Satanic.

He is in Paris now. Through Skype, he says, he still manages a hip-hop group called Moltafet. “They can’t work in Iran, because the government is against them, so they are illegal and they can’t officially make a profit on music,” he said.

So Aghajani wants to bring Moltafet to the United States, where the Iranian diaspora and mainstream hip-hop fans are here. “We have a lot of countries going on this tour, and now this thing has put everything on hold because half of our plan is now nothing,” he said.

As an Iranian artist, he says, he has had to figure out how to break the official barrier. He thinks he and his friends can be examples of others.

“Boundaries, they can’t stop us,” Aghajani said. “Now, with all of these technologies, we don’t have to present to do, I mean, you have projected on the hologram augmented reality, virtual reality, all these streaming service. Now that we have a chance, I think an artist should be creative, so they should not be scared or despair, imagine, if I have this mindset – we have mahmoud ahmadinejad, I know that trump is very bad, but Mr Ahmadinejad is crazy, I want to!

At present, Matthew Covey of Tamizdat is preparing and granting visa applications for artists of any of the seven countries in the executive order.


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