Jack white shares new music and announces his third solo album.


Jack white shares new music and announces his third solo album.

I love the singularity in music – when a song comes along, it happens, and you know exactly who the artist is, and you know that only one person can make music. Jack white is the artist. Although his new song was an unusual start, a buzzing synthesizer, the moment of emergency, childish voice, was clearly jack white.

Jack White’s new single, “Love By Love,” changes every four times to a final ending. The Gospel, carried out by the great macreza sisters of Nashville, is part of the establishment. Ann&Regina McCrary used the title of the song as a chorus, setting up jack’s passion guitar. All of these requests were made by Otis Redding, only to be promoted by a choir performed by an organ. All this happened in five minutes.

In Los Angeles and Nashville, director Pasqual Gutierrez shot a new, sometimes disturbing, “love connection” video. This is the end of time, depicting a world that is about to break up after some kind of celestial event. But the same potentially devastating event reminds everyone of a binding relationship.

There is nothing in jack white’s music. Everything has a purpose, everything is connected through the vision of sound. This is a mix of old guitar blues, at the same time on the edge of the rock horizon.

The latest 45 “is” b/w “(as we’ve said before) a guitar called” Respect Commander “. It was a funny song, and we didn’t hear jack sing until half of the instrument.

In order to make it a activities, the third person will release a three color 7 “, it will be in the third personal record stores, only one day, Saturday, Jan. 13, and Detroit in Nashville. In the press conference, you will never be able to buy online entity version, you will be able to later this week to the local record store to purchase ordinary black vinyl, and digital version of the song.

I haven’t mentioned Jack White’s third single “BOARDING HOUSE REACH” in the third person/Columbia, but we haven’t had a date yet.


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