The secret laws reveal the guardians of the galactic rap sheet.


The secret laws reveal the guardians of the galactic rap sheet.

Director James Gunn delves into the Reddit theory, revealing the past crimes of superheroes. What did Peter do?

Some people put their hearts on their sleeves. But the guardians of the galaxy put their crimes on their clothes.

In a lengthy Facebook post on Thursday, “guardian” director James Gunn confirmed and denied the first film of the first film published in 2014.

In that movie, the guardians were dressed in yellow prison clothes, and the sharp-eyed fans saw different colored stripes on each member’s underwear. It turns out that it’s not just for fashion.

“The new claim on Reddit claims that every leg in the prison is a crime,” Gunn wrote on Facebook. “It is true that the color of each stripe is a category (murder, arson, burglary, serious bodily injury). The pattern of each stripe explains more precisely the crime and its severity (a criminal code).

In “guardians of the galaxy”, every stripe on the character’s leg is a crime they committed. Black is murder. The gray on the rocket is from the “indecent exposure” of MovieDetails.

But don’t accuse rocket raccoons of being arrested for going to full monty – an interesting idea, but not gunn’s. Although we wouldn’t question a minute, if he thought the rocket would go there.

“However, it also claims that the gray line of the rocket is indecent exposure, which is incorrect,” gunn wrote.

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If you really want some details about the time of the crime, gunn Outlines the crimes in the embedded posts below.

The least surprising thing is that the rockets like to blow things up.

The most interesting revelation: Peter quayle is in trouble because “having sex with royalty (both parties agree, but on some planets are considered to be the crimes of caste)”.

Groot also liked to be naked, so he showed his crimes on his clothes.


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