Vogue stopped working with the celebrity photographer Mario Testino after male models accused him of sexual harassment.


Vogue stopped working with the celebrity photographer Mario Testino after male models accused him of sexual harassment.

Fashion photographer Bruce Weber has been charged with harassment claims in December by model Jason Boyce.

The New York Times.

An allegation about the two photographers was implicated.

The charges is a recent period of time, due to long-term film producer Harvey Weinstein (Harvey Weinstein) revelation and a series of entertainment, media, fashion and politics of influential people.

Peruvian-born testino, 63, photographed dozens of big fashion houses and saw his work being published.


The magazine has spanned four decades in his career.

Pictures of his tennis player serena Williams and her little girl appeared this week.


His other works include photographs of the duke and duchess of Cambridge’s engagement photos and 1997.

Vanity fair

A series of pictures of princess Diana.

Several of Testino’s models and former aides accused him of increasingly aggressive sexual advances.

Photographer Bruce Weber, and Mario Testino. Photo: ap

“He’s a predator,” said Ryan Locke, a supermodel in the late 1990s.

During a photo shoot on a bed, he said, Testino asked his team to leave the room and climb onto his bed.

“I’m a girl, you’re a boy,” the photographer reportedly told the model. He said he walked out of the room.

Hugo Tillman, a former photography assistant, recalls a similar experience, while another, Roman Barrett, accused Testino of rubbing his legs and masturbating in front of him.

Mario testino’s work includes the engagement photos of the duke and duchess of Cambridge. AFP

“Sexual harassment is a constant reality,” he said.

Mario testino didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The same

The New York times

The article, 15 current or retired male models also accused Bruce weber of sexual harassment. Weber did not respond to requests for comment.

Conde Nast, publisher of glossy magazines such as Vogue, said it would stop working with the two photographers.

The work of Mario Testino includes a series of princess Diana’s works published in vanity fair in 1997. Photo: Mario Testino.


In a joint statement, chief executive Bob Sauerberg and Vogue editor Anna wintour said: “we are deeply disturbed by these accusations and take them seriously.

They added: “given these allegations, we will not undertake any new work with Bruce weber or Mario testino in the foreseeable future.

According to the

The Times reports.

The company also announced that it had started a code of conduct to protect models from sexual harassment in October.

The guidelines include a ban on models and alcoholic drinks under the age of 18, and suggest that models should not be left alone with photographers or other team members, the newspaper said.

Before shooting, the pose of nudity or sexual innuendo will be detailed and agreed upon.

In October, several magazines and fashion houses also said they would no longer be in vogue after he was accused of harassing models.

Photographer Terry Richardson.


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