In Hong Kong’s burning political kitchen, recipes are prepared for disaster.


In Hong Kong’s burning political kitchen, recipes are prepared for disaster.

However, in view of the current situation in Hong Kong, only those who deny or lack critical ability will be able to see the comments made by members of the council before the cabinet meeting on Tuesday morning.

In summary, Mr Lin raised the following question: the new secretary for justice, ms Eva cheng.

Illegal structure dispute

Does it show that the current senior management review process is not suitable for the purpose? Does it arouse zheng’s credibility? Is she able to complete the work she has obtained?

Hong Kong’s leaders say there is no credibility issue and the head of the judiciary who defends the illegal structure of legend.

This is Lin’s answer: “… I don’t think this is a matter of integrity, which is why it won’t compromise the position of deng lijun justice secretary. Because of the political situation, it is very difficult to really attract talent, which is why people describe it as a very hot kitchen.

The secretary for justice, ms Eva cheng, addressed the opening ceremony of the legal year on Monday. Photo: Sam Tsang

“For a very successful with international reputations like Teresa teng’s lawyer, determined to join my team is a very difficult and hard decisions, only with a purpose as a starting point, that is in the service of the Hong Kong people rich” service.

If I am wrong, please correct me, but in fact, miss Lin was just admitted that she was forced to hire Mr. Cheng, because increasingly toxic political environment in Hong Kong, almost no one is willing to act as one of the most important work of government.

In fact, even if an official core responsibility is to maintain services in the city for decades of law and justice system, were found in violation of the law, we only need to absorb it, let her continue has nothing to do with work, whether it may cause damage to the integrity of the system, because there is no other way.

The university of Hong Kong students’ union is trying to select an executive committee. Photo: handouts

In other words, if you are now a public officer in a burning political kitchen in Hong Kong, or if you want to be a public servant, then your job is more likely to be a runaway fire. The era of “one country, two systems” is the time to deal with the core contradictions of “one country, two systems”.

The leader of the student union at the university of Hong Kong has no candidate for fear of political repercussions.

Fueling this worrying fire is another story that emerged earlier this week.

It has been widely reported that since 2010, the student union of the university of Hong Kong may not have had an executive committee for the first time, and some people believe that “fear of political repercussions has cooled participation”.

But is not convenient, because there is no from the outside to see more and more possible alternatives of city, is inevitable, the future of Hong Kong as a political entity of depository itself must come from the next generation.

Officials say that “one country, two systems” could be canceled if it is used against Beijing.

Old age and death are certain and will take care of this.

If we are the most intelligent young people are not willing to participate in political activities in the university – whether in theory or ideology, this association seems to be wrong – in a mature society, they can hone skills they need to deal with adult political reality, we found the people to run the current chief executive on the city’s concern for her successor doesn’t seem to have any meaning.


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