5 things that ruin your relationship with your partner.


5 things that ruin your relationship with your partner.

In a new relationship, things often begin to be intense and heavy. But they ended up with the discovery of so many promising couples in the most familiar pattern.

Sex has become less frequent, less interesting, more routine, less inspiring, and even a chore. Does this sound familiar?

Although expect you at the beginning of the new relations remain the same curiosity and excitement is not reasonable, but you are not destined to those too often exhibit a long-term commitment to experience the cliches of sex.

So what interferes with your ideal – your partner’s passion, excitement, and fun – intimacy?

Look at these five things in your bedroom, and some valuable tips and resources that will help you overcome the lack of intimacy in your marriage:

You don’t have enough time.

I’m a city girl. For me, this means that my 9-5 is rarely 9-5, not even considering my commute. I’m lucky to have a predictable Monday to Friday schedule, but my partner’s work schedule doesn’t match mine.

His day and night had no rhythm. I am the spirit. I get up early because I have the highest productivity in the morning and this is my only time. He is an owl. Try as much as possible, he can’t go to bed before midnight, and it’s too early for him.

We don’t even talk about personal pursuits (I’m an entrepreneur, he’s an artist), family responsibilities, social activities and sleep!

The girl in this city thinks there is too much daily management. I imagine the content of rural life will be different, but I don’t know if the time challenge is similar. Even with strict work and family, full of time (suspicious), as humans, we seem to be able to find a way to keep our plates full.

You can’t expect to be curious and excited about new relationships. Nor are you destined to be the stereotypical sex life of long-term relationships.

Still, in a long-term commitment relationship, we have to take the time to experience intimacy. If one or both of you are busy, or if your schedule is not easily synchronized, then you can try something:

The intimate connection does not begin when you enter the bed. Jamie dragon, Psy.D. In psychology today suggested 12, 30 seconds to connect, when your busy life. As you stay here all night, practicing these quick fixes throughout the day can lead to extended connections.

Sexual strategies may make it look less romantic. But you know what’s not romantic? Don’t make love! In a New York post article, Ben Kassoy offers some practical strategies: separation, compromise, communication and hard work.

Dr. Samantha Rodman of the huffington post Shared some interesting and practical ways to get you to bed together, including turning off the TV.

You don’t have enough energy.

Sex requires energy. It’s just physics. According to an article on women’s day, sex burns 144 calories per half hour. That’s more calories than people who burn a mile on average. How do you think of running a mile at the end of the day?

Here’s what I look like: start working at 4 a.m. (mental energy), maybe fit for some exercise; Get ready for an hour of commuting. Working nine hours to solve problems and deal with people (mental energy); Run out of the office and start my one-hour commute home. Then figure out what to eat before the end of the day.

I have no children and I am not prepared to prepare dinner for my family. My extracurricular commitments, such as volunteer service or community responsibility, are currently quite low. At the end of each day I will be wiped out. How about you?

However, it is still a priority to maintain physical contact with your partner on a consistent basis,

It may be a real struggle for me, but I also see some success in making healthier choices and exercising regularly. When I notice that my body and health are not only more energetic, but also more desirable, my libido is significantly stronger.

Given the impact of a smile on happiness and longevity, it’s definitely worth a try.

You don’t have enough interest.

Being negative about sex and sex can be frustrating for you and your partner. I recently talked to a girlfriend for over a year of sexual deficiency. As she talked about, I was surprised that her doctors didn’t offer any real solutions, and hinted that the desire for sex was not significantly affected.

I agree that this is not a life-threatening situation, but it certainly threatens the quality of life.

According to a recent study, there may be a variety of physical and mental health factors may be associated with lack of sexual interest: poorer health, up the stairs difficult, long-term medical condition, depression, sexually transmitted diseases and sexual dysfunction.

Interestingly, in this study, the menopausal status did not show statistically significant gender, nor was there any male circumcision.

While physical and mental health factors may require intervention by medical professionals, there may also be many relationship factors and more convenient solutions.

Associated with a lack of interest in sex related factors include: have children, due to the different preferences and the lack of satisfactory sex, sexually behavior, difficult to talk about sex, and believe in people with age sexual desire to reduce.

If you are not interested in sex, resolving these relationships may improve your situation. Here are some tips:

The study suggests that caring for young children may be due to an imbalance in parenting responsibilities. Cory Howard suggested 50/50 split may not be possible for every couple. However, a better balance of parenting duties may lead to a better balance in the bedroom.

The study appears to suggest that a lack of sexual activity (or masturbation) leads to a decline in female libido, as opposed to men. For women, this may mean that keeping the spell flow is especially important for us. “Sex and the city” was written by Betty Dodson, who remained sexually active in his 80s. We could all learn a thing or two from Betty.

Let’s face it, talking about sex can be awkward. It’s called cultural issues, religious issues, social problems, psychological problems. Whatever the problem, sometimes couples need help. A creative way to open the door to sexual intercourse is to talk about other people’s sexuality. Read a love letter or magazine as a channel to talk about your own desires, fantasies, or needs.

When you get older, you definitely want to talk about what sex means to you.

You don’t have enough knowledge.

In the early 1930s, I was frustrated. I’m married, I’m in love, I’m passionate, but I’m not happy with my gender. It doesn’t come from a lack of effort or interest. I just don’t know my body needs to be satisfied. What’s worse, I don’t know I don’t know. I don’t even know the quality information is available.

I was defeated in my 20s by trial and error. Despite what they say, practice is not perfect. One day, the light came on.

I walked into the love boutique in Santa monica, California. The salesman spent 20 minutes with my girlfriend and I explained a toy. Twenty minutes changed my whole sex life. Sexual satisfaction is no longer a mystery.

You don’t have enough goodwill.

In a long-term commitment relationship – even the best relationship – things aren’t always roses and sunshine. Disagreements take place. The living environment causes stress and stress. Finances. Parenting. Career setbacks. In the in-laws. The list goes on.

Sometimes, you don’t feel warm and fuzzy. Physical distance only aggravates the challenges you face. When these patterns repeat, your relationship’s stress compounds.

The stress of these pressures can have an effect on intimate relationships. Sometimes you just feel warm and fuzzy about your only one.

It is important to have an effective strategy to navigate difficult times.


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