Dow helped ease the Olympic carbon footprint.

Route 163, also know as the Soybean Highway, cutting through farmland that only 10-20 years ago was all rainforest in the Mato Grosso state of the Amazon, Brazil. the 1,100 mile paved road is the primary artery to bring the massive agricultural commodities out of the growing farm belt in the Amazon and over to global markets. Farmers are burning ancient rainforests to make way for more farmland to raise cattle and soybeans.

Dow helped ease the Olympic carbon footprint.

2016 organizing committee led by Rio made a called “Abraza” comprehensive sustainable development plan, the plan recently received ISO 20121 international standard, this is a major event recognized global certification organization.

As carbon emissions in 2016 in Rio and major contributors to hug the official partner, the dow multinationals works beyond the boundaries of Rio DE janeiro to treat extremely strategic pillar in the organization’s environmental commitment: to reduce carbon footprint.

2 equivalent to reduce the number of 500000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO 2 is related to the Olympic and paralympic games organization and behavior, and generate additional climate benefits of 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) 2 on indirect emissions equivalent game, dow implement the strategy of the five projects, agriculture, infrastructure and industry in Latin America:

Precision agriculture in mato grosso.

By using precise farming techniques, farmers are helped to optimize crop productivity and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Reductions in emissions will occur due to increased productivity and optimization of fertilizer use. (read: “we must consider sustainable livestock and three pillars” : c. Madrid)

Restoration of the degraded pastures of mato grosso.

In collaboration with the leading group on agriculture and animal husbandry, dow has implemented a highly efficient carbon tracking approach to strengthen livestock farming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By applying advanced seed solutions and weed control, the project will restore 50,000 to 100,000 hectares of degraded pasture.

Polyurethane insulation boards are used in civil buildings.

Brazil and Argentina are committed to building the entire value chain to expand the importance of insulation technology in buildings to achieve Latin America’s electricity economy, reduce costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (reading: the rice sector is committed to reducing carbon footprint)

Multi-purpose food, cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning products packaging technology.

In order to use the plastic film in five countries (Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia) packaging manufacturer cooperation, to speed up the microfoamed, dow’s proprietary technology, this makes the production more packages with the same cuantidade resin, keep the same features.

Biomass can produce energy for industry.

The adoption of innovative technologies from sugarcane eucalyptus and sugarcane to replace fossil fuels (mainly natural gas) and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in two Brazilian factories. One project will degenerate about 5,000 hectares of degraded land in bahia state.

“Carbon reduction projects drive innovation, overcome barriers, and drive long-term changes in market practices,” says Julio Natalense, manager of technology and sustainable development at the dow cleaning and movement solutions in Rio DE janeiro. “We are cooperating with Rio in 2016 not only is to reduce the environmental impacts associated with tissue Olympic and paralympic games, but also for more sustainable practices in Latin America’s understanding of the importance of the future.”

Dow’s cooperation with Brazil in 2016 is another important factor in Brazil’s 500, 000 people who have access to climate change, sustainable development and scientific information.


The main channel to achieve this goal is “transformation”, the organizing committee of the 2016 Rio Olympic and paralympic games, to reach the education program of more than 500 students in the Brazilian Olympic Games.

Dow is aligned with the scientific education transformation, providing teaching chemistry, physics, biology, environment and climate change projects. Dow alliance transformation extension, also make platform not initially think 7 e other cities in the show: bahia (Candeias and el Salvador) and Sao Paulo (melon zeruiah, jacquard ray, let dia, flat monie Yang gabapentin and franco da Rosa).


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