Colombian cuisine: typical dishes and modern style.


Colombian cuisine: typical dishes and modern style.

There are countless things in Colombia that fascinate. On the one hand, it offers traditional regional recipes and, on the other hand, a new trend in local products that turn Colombian cuisine into innovative dishes.

They say one of the strategies to win a person’s relationship is through the charm of a good meal. “A man’s heart is through his stomach”, as some hope. The corresponding result may be the saying “full belly, happy heart”.

Colombia’s national cuisine is as diverse as its climate, landscape and cultural expression. In addition to the land that grows on almost everything, the limitless imagination of expert chefs increases the mood they inject into a new way of preparing them for seasoning and creating recipes.

Traditional Colombian cuisine.

Many of the most famous dishes, such as bandeja paisa and ajiaco bogotano, are usually consumed in the place of origin, and the ingredients and quantities are in the proper atmosphere, including the final appearance of decorations, tableware and dishes.

Bandeja paisa

So, for example, the heartland of the province and the area near the main components of the pizza shop is harvested beans in the region, the climate characteristics make Colombian andes region’s largest producer of beans, and beans in the diet of the highest consumption.

Santa Claus.

Prepared in central Colombia, gekko Santa Claus is a kind of based on di marca province and from kunming province plateau of several kinds of potato soup, called “melon, herbal medicine, as well as local corn and chicken.

“I want to try your typical dish… “Is a common refrain among foreign visitors to Colombia.

Over time, however, the art of cooking has traveled all over the world, especially in big cities, where generous food menus can travel around the country. Therefore, the food is the secret of the cook put their region’s diet in the typical village restaurant tablecloth or large transport tools in the centre of the city, it is impossible to deprive anyone of delicacies.

Many visitors from all over the world arrive and bow to the taste of riches, even if they receive generous portions, which will take a few seconds. Those who are not the first time will know exactly what to order. In addition, because of the many colombians who live abroad, our cuisine is expanding through various restaurants, becoming a true Colombian culture and traditional embassy.

A contemporary of Colombian cuisine.

Due to continuous research, on the other hand, delicious food, history and prepare the ingredients needed to innovation, make Columbia cooks more surprising boldness and creativity, and for each new creation added not only attract the taste characteristics, others also is such.

JulianGomezSimmonds is a young but experienced chef, he has been working to create from Colombia local flavors and ingredients, recipes, in its way, colour and texture rendering, in addition to a pleasant taste, build a pleasing effect.

Mixing our land and water supplies is a product of tourism and understanding of the country.

Gomez and Alejandro Olaya in Colombia departments for interesting field investigation and research, to understand the strategy of the male and female chefs, methods and resources, so they can in Usaquen Habemus Papa Bogota design new recommendations and menu area. Manager olaya says the experience is very useful for starting a revolutionary Colombian food, by writing a recipe for the region instead of replacing the traditional menu. So, three times, the farmer’s goat pie was created, the grouper in the Caribbean, the melon skin of the palm island.

Gomez is Colombia in the culture and food samples on behalf of Columbia resourceful cook, he said: “these dishes is to show how to highlight the taste of the various regions and resources, and create a more modern orthodox Columbia recipes. International book fair in guadalajara.

The goat pie is a recipe for a symbolic product reminiscent of the cooking of santander. It comes with a special potato omelette. The grouper is a version of the Caribbean sea seafood, with patacon (Fried green plantain slices), name (a variety of yam) and coconuts, and the fusion of all the traditional ingredients on the Atlantic coast. It includes palm hearts, carefully extracted from the heart of a special tree, mixed with seafood and cod. The elements come from the Pacific coast of kaua province.

In addition to rich food, these dishes are also becoming export-oriented products, due to its highly aesthetic ideas, and even the tableware, these products will help our food positioning in the ideal position. Still, these changes do not conflict with the originality of national flavor or product. Instead, they try to increase the concept of international positioning of Colombian cuisine.

Tasting contemporary Colombian recipes means creating a bond that evokes deep, lovely, different regions. Because of the new gourmet’s clever artists, it is possible to walk the flavor and imagination of the route, stove, pot and pot of land. Because the taste of Colombia inevitably seduces, captivates and leaves behind good memories.


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