Valledupar is the most popular place in Colombia. The city is built on a hot plain and stretches across the huge snow-capped mountains of the region.


Valledupar is the most popular place in Colombia. The city is built on a hot plain and stretches across the huge snow-capped mountains of the region.

Valledupar is Colombia’s hottest places, this city was built on the hot plains and in the region’s vast snowy peaks between extension, every corner there was a mango tree, is full of vallenato music. But the city is so special, why UNESCO decides that its culture is worth protecting?

Valledupar used to be the home of an indigenous tribe, including Chimilas and Tupes, a powerful ruler named Cacique Upar. That’s where the city gets its name (orval valley), and valentinto means “born in a valley”. Said the region’s farmers inherited the Spanish bard (traditional juglares) and west Africa griots, singing, chanting and playing their instruments, because they are from all the cities and their cattle, share news and information. Eventually their African and native instruments, such as gaita flutes, guacharaca and drums, joined the European accordion and vallenato, because we knew it was born.

What is vallenato?

Today’s valentine is made up of three core instruments, a small drum (caja vallenata) held between the knees, with bare hands and African slaves brought to the Colombian tradition. The second is guacharaca, an indigenous tool designed to mimic the call of guacharaca and originally used for hunting and dating rituals. It’s got ribs and wood, and it’s scraped with a fork. And finally, the accordion from Germany. That’s one reason why vallenato is so special. It wove the three stories of Colombia (earth, Europe and Africa) into a unique type. The story of vallenato

Vallenato is not always so complimentary. The root of music is the farmers who crave news and stories of old friends and loved ones, and like to weave a few jokes into their songs, not to mention gossip and blot. This ensures that the elite schools into the nose, until some wealthy customers insist to bring music to the du palmer social clubs, so that they can drink and hear these silly stories (now people jump to valencia, go dancing, but many people to continue listening to traditional the then governor of cesar Alfonso Lopez (Alfonso Lopez), the reporters Sue Mr Lopez, lowe huo (Consuelo Araujo) and songwriter Rafael ace carlo (Rafael Escalona) founded in 1966, warren, legendary section (Vallenato Legend Festival)

Legend of Vallenato.

This music festival held in Valledupar April every year, looking for the best drummers, guacharaca performer, songwriter and genre of songs, but it really is stealing the show’s accordion players (organ-grinder can sing his in the past, now they mate with singer) Vallenato music have four different kinds of beats, known as “stuffed shirt” (son, avenue, puya and merengue song according to the artistic conception and its lyrical structure), and it is by setting the pace of the accordion players. Each year, the musicians compete for the title of Vallenato King in the Vallenato legend, and every decade the festival’s King will compete with each other to become King’s King. UNESCO.

The United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization, said the traditional valentine, the lyrics of “nostalgia, lively, satire and humor” song “by combining realism and fantasy stories to interpret the world”, that is why this type must be protected. They want to maintain street space for family and friends to organize the parrandas (vallenato party), and ensure that music’s classic form does not marginalize singers and groups to diversify and modernize its voice. The group says that traditional valentindo plays a “crucial role” in establishing regional identity, which is why it must always be protected.


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