Colombia: for your health.


Colombia: for your health.

When the doctor told Philip Sheldon * in Toronto, he had waited six months list of cataract surgery, the retired executives had the foresight to call his son-in-law in Bogota and see what can be done. Despite full health coverage in Canada, Sheldon hopes to accelerate this month’s situation and affect the possibility of a longer driving license.

In Bogota and some of the best eye doctor after made some telephone calls, Sheldon decided to buy plane tickets to Colombia’s investment, spending time with my family in an apartment in the capital of the time, pain for more than six months for his government to determine his place and time of surgery.

Sheldon’s condition was not life-threatening and the operation was completed in two hours. As a foreigner with limited language skills, his surgeons spoke impeccable English and did part of his medical research in Moorsfields, London.

Sheldon is one of thousands of foreigners who have come to Colombia for outpatient surgery and state-of-the-art facilities. According to the economist “U.S. economic news” (America Economia) the latest report, from eye surgery to dental, breeding and reproduction treatment, Colombia in Latin America the best ranked 16th in 40 hospitals. Among the top 10 are the Bogota Santa fe foundation, the Cali valley foundation, the Bogota heart foundation and the bukaramanga cardiovascular foundation.

The country also has internationally recognized professional treatment in oncology, cardiology, neurology and orthopedics. Many of Colombia’s leading doctors are overseas professionals, experts in their fields and internationally recognized.

As healthcare costs continue to rise in the United States, about 1.6 million americans are treated overseas each year, with annual growth of 35 percent, according to the deloitte health solutions center. The American medical association says the trend is partly due to high premiums for non-critical surgery in the United States.

Bogota’s Santa fe foundation and Colombia’s hospitals have the highest standards of international accreditation. Santa fe company specializes in cancer treatment, neuroscience and cardiovascular surgery, and Johns Hopkins Hospital recently (John Hopkins Hospital) signed a joint venture agreement, so that the two continents share professional medical research.

Columbia is a pioneer in the development of pacemakers, laparoscope and transplantation. The national top medical institution FCI, FundacionCardioinfantil – children’s heart foundation – is a global reference for cardiac surgery, electrophysiology and hemodynamic monitoring.

Columbia has 4.5 million medical schools and is proud to be a world-class professional. At Cali, lilly foundation hospital is Columbia’s largest heart hospital. In medellin, st. Vincent DE Poole’s university hospital received international recognition for its use of digital and CT techniques. Medellin is also a global reference for dementia and early alzheimer’s research, thanks to the valuable work of Dr. Francisco Lopera of the university of Antioch.

While Mexico and Brazil compete for the health tourism market, Colombia has the advantage of unmeasurable quantities and statistics. The goodwill and understanding of health professionals can bring patients back from surgery, a worldwide difference. Thanks to generous funding from private foundations, many hospitals in the country are expanding new institutions and adding more private rooms to existing institutions. The “Prostate Clinic” in Bogota and SantaFe can see the expansion of specialized treatment.

In order to solve about Colombia as a personalized attention and care of location of the importance of any question, you can focus on Manuel, Elgin zapata, Roy (Manuel Elkin Patarroyo) doctor and he told the malaria vaccine or neuroscientist Rudolf Greene achievement (RodolfoLlinas) is important, he is head of the department of physiology and neuroscience at New York university school of medicine.

As one of the most important scientists for reproductive medicine, Elkin Lucena in 1985 the first successful in vitro fertilization (ivf), and thus was born the first Latin American fertility baby, so is known as the international.

Colombia enjoys a superior geographical position in meeting the health needs of foreigners. It’s only four hours from Atlanta, and six of Bogota’s Toronto is a world-class food, cultural exhibition and historical site. This is also an important reason to plan to see a doctor next time. The hospitality of this country begins with your health.

* the name has been changed to identity.


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