Solo travel

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Solo travel

It is often said that traveling with children is not only possible, it is worthwhile. Now, we don’t feel like our parents are traveling with their children, even far away. I decided to go one step further and write down the single mothers who often take their children to distant expeditions (unfortunately, I didn’t find a single dad, which is a bit confusing). It goes without saying that it is much easier to be logistically and financially than a child on a trip to two adults. Of course, even in the most popular travel of our trip, it is easy to have difficult moments. That’s why I really appreciate these women who don’t just manage it themselves, they don’t even think of it as something extraordinary.

Here I showed the stories of four polish mothers who decided to take their children on a trip. I hope these stories first convey to many single parents who may be having a hard time, and struggle to believe that there will be good times ahead. I hope this article can be a useful crutch for them, first to prove what is impossible and will always be worth fighting for your dreams. For those parents who don’t dare to travel with them, it’s a question of reflection and a willingness to take action.

Asia, known as BESTIA Peluda and her 20-month-old daughter,, is currently traveling through South America.

Since May 2014, we have been on the road, taking the first step from a small start. Why did I wait until then? I think every mom, even the one who travels, sometimes needs two empty-handed. Even if it’s possible to lift a backpack to put it on your back. Add a kid’s backpack and another bag, the way I was at the beginning of my trip.

It was initially difficult and very difficult for me. Crashed my original plan, I can’t buy a used car in Peru, when I am with Andrzej Pietowski (a co-discoverer of eastern valley) in the form of fate come to save me, I was on the verge of giving up the edge of the escape. In exchange for food and shelter, I taught English for two months at a school in southern Peru. There, I slowly began to think about how to make a 22-month trip for our teaching team on a weekly weekend trip. I soon realized that “improvisation” would be my second name – something that all single mothers have in common. I can plan ahead, but the overwhelming number of things I can’t control is overwhelming. I solved the problem in the order they put it, trying not to worry about what was going to happen. I started my first trip with a 22-month-old child into the mountains, and for the first time I went to my favorite Choquequirao, which I was already familiar with when I first went to Peru a few years ago. I rent a horse, buy food, and borrow a tent and sleeping mat… I went across the andes to the city of Inca through the andes, hoping to tell her why it was so important to me, so dear my heart.

Choquequirao is very important to me, because the dream of going back there one day saved my life. However, it may sound ridiculous, looking back I know it’s completely true. When my daughter was two weeks before her birth and my partner decided to leave me, my world was over. My whole world crashed, and after that darkness and despair there was only one light at the end of the tunnel. This is South America, where; Choquequirao. I survived. I don’t take our lives, though I’m not far from it. I cried a lot. It was always the simplest task that was extremely difficult for me. I barely got out of bed and tried to take care of the little girl who had just been born. I hate my new world as a single mother. To this day, I don’t know how I managed to buy these air tickets for us and put us in this state. It’s like a dream. All I knew was that I had to escape to get rid of that responsibility and terrible pain that I faced – and, in fact, made me realize that I had to keep me in a cage and try to get used to it. I’m going to do this, I have to do what I’ve been doing; I started a journey to the world and made my second dream come true, because I realized that I could never make my first dream, which is to have a whole family. Even more so, I realized that I had to take me and that cage and try to get used to it. I’m going to do this, I have to do what I’ve been doing; I started a journey to the world and made my second dream come true, because I realized that I could never make my first dream, which is to have a whole family. Even more so, I realized that I had to take me and that cage and try to get used to it. I’m going to do this, I have to do what I’ve been doing; I started a journey to the world and made my second dream come true, because I realized that I could never make my first dream, which is to have a whole family.

My friends laughed at me. “Why did you drag this kid around the world? She will never remember anything. Really. She probably won’t. But I wholeheartedly believe that every single day, every scene, every person we meet, is a small brick that helps shape and shape the wall of her personality. I believe this will be a strong and resilient wall. I also believe that when life gives her a painful obstacle to overcome, she won’t be as miserable as I am – after all, I believe I can be her strength now. I slowly heal and grow here. Every challenge and 20 kilograms of back are healing the wounds of my heart and my soul. Maybe it’s a process that never ends, but at least it’s easier to wake up and breathe easier. It’s easier to smile at my child and be sincere and wholehearted, instead of forcing a face. So it’s ridiculous that I make a beeline for the new day with 20 kilograms of weight on my back every day.

Do I have any Suggestions? I dare not make any suggestion. It’s good for me, maybe not necessarily for everyone else. I can only suggest getting out of your comfort zone at every level and spending a lot of money, but doing so in return is more. So I can only hope and hope that dear mothers, there are many journeys beyond our comfort zone, and a lot of courage.

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Monica and 10-year-old Sarah (5th) have visited more than 30 countries, including Sri Lanka, the united Arab emirates, Portugal, France, Serbia, Montenegro, Israel and Palestine.

Our journey began in the first month of Sarah’s life. My parents lived 10 hours away from where we lived, so I was forced to cross the country alone, even though I wasn’t a single mother then.

We chose to Brussels and Amsterdam has carried on the long journey together is the most difficult thing is not packaged or looking for a place, just as you would expect, this let my family believe that I have to do things can bring more positive influence, rather than a negative impact. This may sound like a paradox, but I find it much easier to travel with a child than with an adult (I’ve always stressed that children are much faster than us.

Another language? Not a problem. Even on Norway’s playground, your children will find new friends. Food and beverage? Everything may taste better from your mother’s plate. Sleep? As long as mom is nearby, every possible mode of transportation is ok. If you’re with a child, the locals tend to be more friendly, and they treat you as a person, not an ATM.

Thanks to our trip, my daughter is more open to people and the world. She is not afraid to try new things. She knows that effects don’t always come immediately, and sometimes you just need to work on your goals.

She likes the little things that we travel. Colorful shells were found on the beach. Unknown fruit given by strangers at the bus stop. Street artist playing music. She learned to be tolerant of other cultures. She was not shocked to see different colors or ways of dressing. She is very fond of learning a new language, even if there are only a few words.

I just want to stress that single parents in Poland are often stigmatized, especially mothers. I often have a few opinions, such as “she can afford it because of high maintenance,” or “it must be her fault that this person left her.” All these statements are completely false. It’s hard to get any money for your kids, even the government. Benefits? Forget it! We work very hard to have what we have, we often miss another pair of hands to help us, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. This is something that a lot of people can’t understand: how can we be sure that we, in these circumstances, believe in and pursue our dreams. Life sometimes tricks us when we least expect it.

I want to tell other parents to follow their instincts. If you want to travel – do this! Your child will only help you. You can do it, you will become stronger, you will believe in your ability. You are the backbone of your family, not your mother, your grandmother, your grandfather, your aunt, or anyone else. You’re fighting for your kids’ future every day, and this is your review of whether they’ve brushed their jackets or brushed their teeth after breakfast. This is the fairy tale you read before you go to bed. No matter how simple you try and explain it, you don’t know how intense the score is. You worry about how you can survive a month’s salary. So believe in yourself, smile in front of the mirror, and believe that other things will come with time. And the most important thing is: accept what your life is like… Not everyone has your luck.


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