Make every music, video, a virus person


Make every music, video, a virus person

If you ask a polish list five of the most interesting music video, he or she has seen in the 21 century, at least three of them will certainly by day shtokman Joseph Skonieczny aka G ł ę boki directed. He recently made international headlines with his Anja Rubik’s video album, but there’s more.

Krzysztof Skonieczny is an all-around artist. He studied art history to graduated from acting department, and once in Agnes, Holland and Ann jay IDA as a film, and the meters, darla, marcin a theater performance “, etc. He is the art group g ł ę bokiOFF founder. However, he is best known for his wonderful music video. Not only are they all original and imaginative, but Skonieczny also seems to have a commercial golden touch, with each of his creations immediately viral.

No fraudsters are calmer than the Warsaw hustlers

Projekt Warszawiak

Skonieczny’s first song is a music video, from the Warsaw Hustler (Stanis, who is known as the Warsaw bard), and the song “Nie masz cwaniaka na Warszawiaka/No Hustler Slicker”, in the name of the song “Nie masz cwaniaka na Warszawiaka/No Hustler Slicker”. Presenting a variety of Varsovians simple but humorous ideas turned out to be the secret of a huge blockbuster.

Monica brodka is independent

His “No Hustler Slicker” success is not the video of Warsaw liar brought from Poland, the first edition of pop idol Brodka committee in combination with a major record company after several years, decided to relief business image from her body, and began an independent artist’s career. The video is a true stop-motion masterpiece, with several visual artists working together on the movie set and the results of the animated collaboration of moyabrood, which is around in real time. Participating artists including: other video producer DawidKr ę pski and photographer KamilKr ę pski, Arobal, Ewa Juszkiewicz – Katarzyna Ł ygo ń ska duet AAA Tanie Wizualki, ArekRoma ń ski (co-founder of Huncwot studio), or wroclaw Skont graffiti artists.

Nomada – Katarzyna Nosowska ‘8’

Katarzyna Nosowska is a prominent figure in the polish independent music industry. She is the co-founder of the iconic “Hey” and a successful solo artist. The song “Nomada” is from “her latest solo album of eight”. Video itself is a collection of too many things: ancient mythology, famous French documentary microworlds, Bruno schulz’s prose, and Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings. The results were amazing. Once again, Skonieczny manages to create a world that you can’t follow.

A loose organization of four people, a low-budget Bangkok tour. They only use two cameras (Canon 5D and Canon 7D). The crew does not have any licenses, scripts or additional actors, or money to pay for unforeseen expenses or agreements with local authorities. They just kept grabbing everything around, meeting people, sleeping on trains and ferries, and hanging around all night…

They were kept in the Moscow airport several times, and their cameras and memory CARDS were taken away by the club’s security guards. Finally, after being forced to empty their pockets at Bangkok’s airport, they returned to Poland to complete the video. Video quickly gained a million views.

The day after the premiere, jamal’s members were destroyed and banned. Rumor has it that this is to promote the media buzz. It isn’t. Defto gained millions of views in just a few days. Skonieczny’s phone started ringing out – marketing agencies, production companies and record labels, all asking him to make another “Defto” for them. The answer is always the same:

Hit the road and make one. Defto is not a music video. It’s an adventure. G ł ę bokiOFF – pure fixed.

Yuma – Kazik

The word yuma comes from the border area of western Poland in the early 1990s. It defines a type of crime, that is, stealing from German stores. This is also known as “secondary, Slavic, fair distribution of wealth”, which means from Poland in the west of the thieves claim the right to in the name of social justice from their more affluent western neighbor stealing items there. This is what the movie “yuma” means. For the song’s music video, Skonieczny transforms the secular realities of Poland’s poor regions into the sin city of frank miller and Robert rodriguez. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also complements the protagonist’s mental image in a playful, “outlive” way.


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