Cowbell: new branch, new menu, new recipes


Cowbell: new branch, new menu, new recipes

Last year we visited the Zamalek branch of Cowbell, a rare experience. A few months later, the store was closed, but no long-term restaurants returned, a new, larger branch in Mohandiseen, and improved juicy burgers.

The branch, located next to Aswan square on Dr Mahrouki street, is different from the previous one, which is spacious and linear. On the left is the yellow sofa, the right is the traditional table and chair, and finally the service desk. Although the restaurant is far from crowded, the service we visit is very poor and pollutes other comfortable experiences.

Starting with the appetizer, we ask for chili cheese, but it’s not available. We went to buffalo wings. Five minutes later, the waiter to tell us, chicken wings, not with – we know the trouble – but they suggest that the imported products, we can order with the buffalo sauce chicken (le), do not seem to have a bad idea. After a while, the service was born with a flat chicken strip, but it sent us a message that it was impossible to put buffalo sauce on it.

We moved on and accepted our fate. The four pieces of chicken have a crispy skin, but the flavor is very bland, and lacks seasonings and spices. The chicken itself is a bit dry, and the immersion is just a humble mixture of mustard and mayonnaise.

Moving to Hamburg, we chose the thick cow burger (69LE) and the brewed jalapeno bacon N cheeseburger (65LE) with a 19LE extra shake. Strong cow bell burger patties with onion rings, very chewy beef and bacon, pickled cucumbers, a lot of cheddar cheese sauce, sauteed mushrooms, tomato and lettuce, all fresh, soft, fluffy bread. There was a little pie on the hamburger and the ingredients were fresh. As for the pie itself, unfortunately the taste is very flat, but very juicy and very good in texture.

Moved to brew jalapeno bacon N cheese burger, pies filled with melted cheese sauce mix jalapenos for good heat and bacon in the beautiful smoky enhances the insipid patties, and created a we strongly recommend that hamburger. All the burgers are served with perfect ripeness and French fries.

We kept the popcorn smoothie (20LE) and the chocolate chip cookie (20LE) dessert. We’re excited to try popcorn, but it’s just popcorn syrup – but who doesn’t like that special artificial delicacy? Chocolate biscuits are also made from molasses, but they taste bitter. However, the smoothness of the smoothie is very smooth and greasy.

All in all, we have mixed feelings about the visit. When we last visited this old store, it was safe to say that there was an improvement in Hamburg – but the service was slow, and the appetizer had let it go.


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