HOLYFIT: Egyptian health and fitness guru YUSEF EL SERAFY has just launched a 28-day Ramadan plan


HOLYFIT: Egyptian health and fitness guru YUSEF EL SERAFY has just launched a 28-day Ramadan plan

Many studies have completed the benefits of fasting, and athletes are known to use fasting to achieve their fitness goals. The fitness powerhouse yousef El Serafy thinks you can too.

Ramadan is the central time of the year, and everything is planned. You often hear fast, we need to finish this diet before Ramadan, otherwise I won’t have time to do this because Ramadan is next week. Ramadan is, in a way, an excuse for many things (good or bad). Including overeating. You’re fasting throughout the day, so you’ll naturally feel like you need to make up for it at dinner, instead of using a salad or (god bless) grilled chicken. You go to Fried chicken and spicy ham – we don’t blame you! But famous fitness guru Yusef El Serafy know how to control your wild instincts, make sure you keep fit and healthy, while still indulge in your favorite dishes, and provide all the required nutrition for your body.

He already has a booming called YS Fitness personal training and health consulting business, but now he has set a four-week plan for Ramadan, fast as tools to help you achieve the target. “Fitness experts from around the world have been using fasting as a means to improve their athletic performance,” El Serafy told us. Intermittent fasting has been shown to improve bodily functions, such as cell regeneration and weight loss, while keeping muscle tissue healthy.

El Serafy believes that stress is also one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss. But Ramadan can also help solve this problem. He told us that “stress is a huge setback,” some people may feel that they do is the right way to lose weight, but because the body is under stress, they can’t see the result. “But through Ramadan and meditation, as long as we avoid eating ice during Ramadan, we can clean up our bodies from the effects of a year of accumulated stress,” El Serafy said. “If you use intermittent fasting correctly, don’t eat more in two meals, your metabolism will speed up, you will lose body fat and detox your body, and even increase your muscles. It can be a very powerful tool, “says El Serafy.

El Serafy has fully planned throughout the day for men and women, including when to exercise, how to sleep and when to eat to help you stay healthy. Not only that, he also helps you take advantage of the mental and physical benefits of fasting. You can call him now to set up your one-month plan.


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