This is Egypt’s first dance fashion brand, which is both sexy and practical


This is Egypt’s first dance fashion brand, which is both sexy and practical

In recent years, there appear a lot of steel tube dance studio in Cairo, many of us are now spend our night, in the rotating poles, around our bodies, we never thought of the way to turn our bodies. We do not have a strong and handsome body of a dancer, but if we do at least let us feel good about your body, then we might as well all the way walk good, buy sexy clothing, it.

Nallegra body wear is the first pole and sky clothing brand in Egypt, providing fashionable clothing, our killer dancing and yoga is missing. “I’ve been doing pole dancing for six years, and essentially, it requires a lot of skin exposure, which makes extra grip,” the brand owner told us Noura Gamal.

The intersection of Nallegra Body Wear and the bottom of the side perspective is only the correct proportion, and it will not make your camel toes appear clumsily in your sweatpants. Finding enough good sports bras is a bit like finding a soul mate. You know where it is, but you have to go through a lot of toads to get there. Nallegra’s body-worn velvet top is not only sexy but also endearing, but they can prevent a “terrible backlash” – that is, you don’t have to endure an awkward bite. The gap here is looking for a sports bra that matches the appeal of a fashion brand. “When you look for pole dancing in Egypt, most of the tops look like good bras in a sporting goods store. But pole dancing is a very feminine sport.

As beginners of pole dancing lessons, we hide in the corners of our first few times – it’s hard, because there’s a mirror wall in the room. Try Nallegra Body Wear’s sexy suit, and we think they’ll let us feel the area immediately.


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