Mileta’s recipes are very enjoyable


Mileta’s recipes are very enjoyable

The great life cookbook is a series of pictures and words about how to make your life more enjoyable and meaningful. The form and content of this work are important. When people look at form purely, it is the interesting and accurate rendering of different scenes that are mainly people-centered, which first attracts the attention of the audience. Mileta likes to draw faces, and these works show his mastery of facial expressions and the subtle feelings of the human mind reflecting the eyes. The 120 works that have been completed so far will soon come in the form of books, but since the original idea was to have 300 recipes, it is still a continuous process. Unique efforts began with simple pencil drawings, but artists recently introduced more

The idea behind this series is multi-layered. First, it’s a satire of self-help guides, books and videos, and some of the dubious individuals have the ability to offer spiritual advice. This is also an oversaturated commentary on the image of the electronic media, and a mediocre commentary on the content of the vast majority of the information that is passed to us every day. In the end, it’s a real simple life and simple daily life to find fun, and escape from our globalized fanaticism and worldly ambition to escape the naivety of the innocent.

From the intermingling of themes and methods, it is obvious that Mileta shows the diversity of form and shape in the cultural and ethnic diversity of the world. His interest in metaphysics, pure aesthetics and people’s psychology made these works very attractive to intellectuals and non-professionals. And it’s all done through funny irony that everyone can understand.


Mileta Postic (born in 1970) is a visual artist in novi, Serbia. He received a bachelor’s degree in studio art from the university of south Carolina in 1995 and received a master’s degree in arts, design and media from the university of Portsmouth in 1999. Since 1994, he has been in the United States, South Korea, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Britain, Switzerland and many other countries. Mileta teaches animation at universities in South Korea, South Africa, Thailand and Serbia, and hosts computer animation workshops and master classes in China, Germany, Slovenia and Armenia. In addition to painting and animation, he also actively participated in illustration, conceptual art and art management. He is the co-founder of the Norwich culture club and the art institute’s Izba, and co-owner of the free animation studio Twice Eyes.


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