PlaneSense: flexible, affordable, time-saving private travel


PlaneSense: flexible, affordable, time-saving private travel

In 21 years, PlaneSense ® plan has been in the famous Pilatus PC – 12 provides a partial ownership of the aircraft. When it comes to security, services, and cost-effective private flight, PlaneSense’s tailored solution will win your trust over your expectations – every flight.

In 1994, George Antoniadis (now President and chief executive of PlaneSense) proposed a fractional model for using the most advanced turboprop aircraft. His aim was to develop a huge differentiation compared with competitors, including affordable price points, you can use more than the jets of the airport, and the high quality service.

At the time, antonis was considering two options – Socata TBM700 and hawker beech air king 200. Neither option felt right. The former is too small and there is no toilet, the latter presents the wrong image.

After significant due diligence, Anthony is choosing a completely different plane. Although he has not been tracked, Antony is convinced that the Pilatus pc-12 is the aircraft he has been looking for. Its operational features separate it from every plane he has seen. Running the comfortable cabin and the largest cargo door in the industry, the pc-12 is modern, fast, and can be run as well as the main hub or the unimproved 2,000 feet runway. In the spring of 1995, Anthony ardis placed an order, and on 9 September 1995, the plan was to release the twenty-first Pilatus pc-12.

Today, PlaneSense ® program has become the world’s largest PC – 12 management company, has more than 350 employees, including more than 140 pilots, and 36 aircraft (including the two planes). PlaneSense has acquired 54 aircraft since its inception and is currently the world’s highest civilian PC- 12. The company, which is based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, includes a 40,000 square foot maintenance hangar and 44,000 square feet of offices and machinery stores.

Since its inception to achieve steady growth, PlaneSense ® program recently surpassed the important benchmark of flight. It’s worth noting that it has exceeded the milestone of a quarter of a million flight operations. PlaneSense ® team has developed a plan, for owner to provide air unforgettable experience, at the same time proved that the safety, service and a commitment to excellence. Participants reported having more savings, convenience and flying time than other jet projects.

Based on the success of the Pilatus program, PlaneSense began adding jet planes. In 2014, PlaneSense became the chief launch customer for the new Pilatus pc-24 jet and signed the initial order of six aircraft. The planes are expected to arrive in the second half of 2017. During this time, the PlaneSense project has delivered two of the five Nextant 400XTi twin-engined jets in order to improve the capability of the jet, so as to provide immediate high-speed capabilities to the owners of the PlaneSense aircraft.

Anthony said, PlaneSense ® operation scheduling and dispatching, flight operations, maintenance, every aspect of training and employment policies are designed to provide excellent private jet travel management and experience. “We live and die to the extent that we can satisfy our customers,” Anthony adis said.


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