The importance of healthy living


The importance of healthy living

Living a healthy lifestyle may mean that different people go to another person. For some people, health is defined by living a disease-free life. For others, the health condition can be played with the grandchildren, or you can exercise once a week. While the definition of health may vary from person to person, a healthy lifestyle is essential to your best physical and mental health.

According to the march of 2003 in the journal “aging and aging”, a research report published “smoking, poor diet quality, unhealthy habits such as lack of exercise, an increased risk of premature health decline and death. While many factors contribute to your overall health, diet and physical activity are key determinants of your health and quality of life. Whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats are essential for weight management. A balanced diet also helps keep energy levels throughout the day. Regular physical activity, including various aerobic and strength-building exercises to prevent weight gain, can lead to a large number of chronic diseases. In addition, lifestyle habits such as not smoking and limiting alcohol consumption – contribute to a healthy life. Getting your body to rest on a daily basis through proper sleep is also important for a healthy lifestyle.

An inactive lifestyle is an important cause of chronic diseases. Fortunately, many of these conditions conditions can be controlled, most of the time in the week and can take exercise to prevent the happening of this kind of situation, but also pay attention to your diet and lifestyle choices. Your diet may also affect your risk of developing diabetes. In March 2001 by the “New England journal of medicine published a landmark study, 16 years found that patients with type 2 diabetes patients with body mass index (bmi) at 25 or lower the risk of significant under higher body mass index. High saturated fat, sugar and processed foods can quickly lead to weight gain. Being overweight can increase the risk of high blood pressure, arthritis and certain cancers.

Focusing on a healthy lifestyle can improve not only your quality of life, but also years. “American journal of public health” an article published in June 2002, the author thinks that stop smoking before the age of 35 to increase the service life of 6 to 8 years old, and to quit smoking at the age of 65 still life expectancy increased by 1 to 4 years old. Remember that your diet, physical activity and stress levels can effectively balance all aspects of your life and possibly increase your life expectancy. Maintain regular physical examinations to help early detection and treatment of diseases. In addition, your doctor can recommend a lifestyle that can help you live longer and healthier lives.

Learning how to deal effectively with stress plays an important role in maintaining health. In September 2012 and mathematical method to calculate “medical” published an article, the author concludes that through regular physical activity and eating a balanced diet to promote a healthy lifestyle can promote the low levels of pressure, especially in women. Finding ways to release anxiety and cope with daily stress can keep stress levels low. Some people take part in yoga or breathing techniques every morning to help them prepare for the day ahead. Thinking about a few minutes before going to bed can help improve your sleep. Regular exercise increases your brain’s ability to remember and learn.


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