Take out the garbage? It is still a man’s job, even a free coastal elite


In San Francisco on a recent Monday night, when I sit in the living room watching “Mr. Maisel Maiseel wife” when I saw my husband Josh every Monday night in our neighborhood parade collecting barrel and binding of plastic bags.

Next, he put on headlights (emphasis on business seriousness), grabbed his Leatherman and spent 15 minutes outside the dark to resist the raccoons and annihilate the latest amazon box; Put this week’s wine bottles and every La Croix in a blue trash can. Dumping eggshells and avocado skin and our children’s abandoned crust into a green compost bin; And bungee filled with black trash cans. Then the BU- concave – and -ing – BU convex points are made of one -ing three and follow the entrance to the side of the road. At last josh came back, washed his hands, and sat comfortably on the sofa with me.

This is our weekly ritual. There is no obvious unfair recognition. You’re not the next best thing to do. He accepted his role without hesitation. (in a sense, I wouldn’t say driving a car pool or coordinating the date of the game.) Every Monday around 9 p.m., I feel guilty unless… Not really.

Almost every woman I know who lives with a man will escape the drudgery. It’s as if all the hard-won equality in the home has been thrown at the garbage. This may be the last bastion of the act of the 1950s. And in this case – and in this case, women are good.

As one friend pointed out, “women deal with the rest of the garbage.”

For many, this is a simple factor. Gabriela Herman, 36, who lives in Bedford, brooklyn, with her husband and 17-month-old daughter, said: “I don’t do garbage juice

Ashita Trika, 39, said. He is a senior product manager for an MBA, and he lives in a family home in San Francisco with three children and her husband, Noble Athimattathil. She said the garbage program, “I don’t know what he did, I just know it’s done.” “Sometimes I see empty bottles on the side of the road, but I don’t take them in. The aristocracy owns the junk to the end. He took on mental burden and physical burden. It’s free. ”

Mr. Athimattathil, 40, grew up at Yonkers, where he said his father always took out the trash until he handed it to him. “My sister and I would all sit on the couch and watch TV,” he recalls. “My dad would always say, ‘aristocrat, take out the trash. Why not my sister? She has two arms and two legs! ”

Nancy Casey, 41, a nurse in Portland, ore., wasn’t distracted by the garbage. (” well, I’m in the vagina all day.” ) however, this is her husband’s job. Casey said, “I did everything.

She says Portland’s garbage night is especially taxing because it happens only once every other week. Also, the standard trash can is about half the size of compost and recycling, and is collected once a week. “This is the stuff of free hippie. There must be some movement, “said Ms. Casey, who grew up in Chicago.

She added: “if our cans have enough space, it’s like Christmas! We started running around the house looking for things. ”

Very few “who are garbage?” Practical discussions between couples. Division of labor just happened. But DE warren and her husband, gus probably talked about this matter, she said, if only because they before getting married to a book, called “problem”, then the discussion topic is: “we eat many? A little bit? What kind of bed do we sleep in? Extra large? A water bed? “(water bed?)

“The whole idea is that you should talk about the little things, because over time, they will inevitably become more big things,” the Bronx, New York, Bronxville 39 entrepreneurs, a mother of three said warren. And out the other. I know it’s a gender stereotype, but I don’t care. I’m one of the actors! I’ve removed our dishwasher and put it back! I am full of confidence in my disdain for traditional roles. Gus can take out the garbage. ”

So what about all the single women, the one who’s been scrutinized?

Sophie Galant, a 24-year-old consultant who lives with her old roommate in the old house, often credits her boyfriend for having dinner. “I always ask them to take it out when they go out,” she said. “It smells bad. I don’t want it to drip on me. ”

Laura, 26, a trip (Laura Manzano) from Virginia college dorm moved to brooklyn vic (Bushwick) bush brooklyn (Brookwick) a three layer building, never disposed of the rubbish. “Anthony did it,” she said, in fact, referring to her oversight. “We don’t even suggest him. Maybe I should start? “(yes)

Elizabeth Hand, 41, who lives in Cobble Hill, brooklyn, has long been a helpful neighbor. “This Italian old man, named ogie, has lived here all the time,” she said. “He will do it for us. I didn’t know how much work until he died. We miss him. ”

The troughs in the corridor can make it easier for apartment dwellers, though some still struggle. “Tom has a kind of habit, throw the garbage take out from under the kitchen sink, to bind up the big steamed stuffed bun, and then put it in the garbage can on the floor, but obviously can’t use, now it has been attached.” “Said attorney Jeanne pat. He lives in Manhattan’s Peter Cooper village, referring to her partner. “It seems like it’s something important.”

When the dormitory is close, there are often fierce fights, which houses should live in, and who will drag them out every week.

Brooklyn carol garden (Carroll Gardens) blocks of a man in a region to address a social network, requiring citizens to collection time to off-peak hours in the morning rush hour. This caused a heated, paragraph long response, including complaints about noise; Compare Europe; Dismissive of the charge of commuting; And the general mood that bags are more efficient than boxes, and the city’s old metal dustbins are barbaric.

But how’s the mountain in Manhattan? Apparently people think so, and the rats seem to like them.

Recycling adds to the burden. “How much cardboard we produce is crazy,” ms hermann said. “We take amazon every day. Fresh direct, blue apron… We have an entire stage area! Sometimes it stacks up on the ceiling. “Some people admit to worrying about the broken box and they send it to work.

Dawn Perry, the 38-year-old food director of Real Simple magazine, is a self-described Nazi. “I went to boulder,” she said, referring to the university of eco-consciousness in Colorado. She said that when ms perry and her husband Matt duke (Matt Duckor) moved to Bedford – stefan sen (Bedford Stuyvesant garden apartment, they begin to see some “crazy” in the dustbin. Like plastic, obviously only paper should. (don’t even let her start with a lack of compost.)

“One day, I actively said to a neighbor,” are you going to knock this down? “Ms. Perry said. Mr. Duckor also prints (and laminated) charts for recycling in order to post on top of the Shared box. He also mentioned a recent maggot problem. “What he’s talking about is” maggots, “Ms. Perry said.” people listen.

Last year, Danielle Fennoy, 37, and her family moved to the third floor of bedford-stuyvesant from a 45-unit building in Prospect Heights, brooklyn. “This is the biggest wake-up call on earth,” said Ms. Fennoy, co-owner of the company, which owns the company. “I thought,” really? Now I’m miss trash? Early in the morning, she would take the bag out before work, which avoids the intrusion of rodents or humans. “I will be in my arms with my neighbors. That part is good. Friendship. “Like, we’re here… Garbage collection day, again.”

Until a garbage day, she had a revelation: “I woke up and said, ‘you know what? I have enough on my plate. She told her husband to take over the garbage. “He’s like ‘good’.”

Lauren Gersick, 36, a college counselor in San Francisco, shares housework with his wife. She believes the gender difference in garbage night is not about avoiding heavy garbage cans or spilled luggage. This is not a fear of rats or raccoons, nor is it a contrarian feminist stance.

Ms Gersick thinks this is a man’s wish to leave home. A chance to be approved, away from children and chaos, into the solitude of the night.

“I know at least when I know,” she said. “I’m like ‘goodbye! I’m going to do garbage. “


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