Bella and gigi hadid share everything, even shoe


Gigi and Bella Hadid share not just good genes, they share clothes, too. This is one of the benefits of the sisters, especially when your size, the same coat as well, including the leopard grain coat, they changed back and forth last winter (recorded, Bella insisted that first wear) now, shoes seems to be on the other foot, it is no exaggeration to say. When Bella and Gigi set out for shopping in New York yesterday, Bella was borrowed from Gigi’s white x-timberland work boots and Andy Wolf sunglasses. Still, gigi doesn’t seem to mind, and it might be easy to find Dr. Martens from Bella’s wardrobe. (the hadid sisters made a similar statement when they cheered the homeless on Wednesday at Madison Square Garden.)

While Gigi initially gave her Timbs a wind in her work denim and bright yellow chubby style, Bella spun her own spin with a monochromatic sweat. Her jogger painted in profile details matching the faded details of her boots. She made some of the sheen of a cut velvet hoodie and made a square outline that was offset by a clingy back. She tied her favorite backpack, like her shoes, and was married.
At the same time, Gigi is used the gradient of the denim jeans, in the above her eccentric striped socks – this is her latest has been trying to a hierarchical know-how, as she spoke to Vogue. Like Bella, she completed the ensemble with a pair of dark shades – more evidence that the sisters were in agreement.


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