What happens when two fashion writers change their style


I hope you can be your colleague one day? Actually walking in their shoes? Especially if their shoes are good? Chanel, exactly? The spice girl switch took place in the fashion office here. Fashion assistant editor Lilah Ramzi and senior fashion writer Liana Satenstein wear each other’s clothes for a day and the company’s annual holiday party. Now, this is not a simple change. Both have very unique styles from two very different ages. (Ramzi likes that “50”; Satenstein likes the “bad” 90s taste. They put the idea into practice for how the two women perceive each other’s looks and feelings. Here, look at the experience of both.
Its basic Satenstein
What do I think of Lilah’s style?
For me, Lilah has always been the “Vogue” I always imagined. Every expression is very thoughtful from head to toe. And she has a classic Sabrina atmosphere. Think about it: the high-waisted skirt of the fifties, the beautiful cardigans of the beautiful sapphire buttons, and tight leggings for the seam. She’s not a casual Friday: I’ve seen Lilah go through jeans – they’re cropped and trimmed with pink ostrich hair.
What did I wear?
So when I first came into contact with Lilah’s idea of an office freak Friday, she didn’t know that she would bring me a belt. Although we ended up wearing a no-belt, the clothes still required me to squeeze in different characters. She put me in the early 60 s of the red jacket, from the 50 s Etsy quilting circular skirt, Hanro vest, vintage chanel shoes, Louis vuitton Epi leather purse, and a pair of vintage buckles earrings. There was also a tights, which was suffocating, and in any case, they acted as a belt.
How do I feel?
I feel very different from my typical freedom. I don’t wear skirts or tights. The last time I wore it was a few months ago when I went to the synagogue. OY roommates. Hey, at least my rabbi would be proud of this modest combination. I have to say, I like her proportion. The high-waisted top combination highlights my newly cut upper abdomen. Move over, Audrey Hepburn!

What did the others say?
Jessie Heyman, the executive editor of Vogue, thinks I look like a really chic Borough Park orthodox girl. I want to buy it! Again, my rabbi was proud. Alessandra Codinha, the culture editor of Vogue, has always emphasized that I look like a “lady”. Is the T-shirt I usually buy elegant? I guess not!
Becoming Lilah reminds me that I need to grow up with fashion wisdom. I really appreciate how she crossed her, and her every corner is dotted with. I learned that she had chosen her dress the night before, and yes, it was easy and clever. Plus, maybe I should go deep into the dress world. I noticed that I had a good calf and ankle, and why not show them?
Lilah Ramzi
Assistant editor
What do I think of Liana’s style?
Liana’s eastern European mall rat style runs (lightning speed!) Against myself. For her, the misspelled designer’s logo was the first choice, with plastic (shoes, bags, nails) dominating, and Kiev was the fashion capital. I admired her style from a distance; The vines define the elusive and fuzzy “cool girl”, perhaps because she didn’t look pretty in the ’50s. My fashion dictionary was written in 1956.
What did I wear?
I was wearing a tight black T-shirt with a “French Paris”, topped with a drill-down, on my chest. I have seen liana exercising near the office without the slightest irony. At the bottom, I was wearing a pair of jeans from “CHIC” jeans – 70s jeans. The pants’ choice doesn’t seem harsh, but we just said I didn’t really wear jeans. Handbag is the most important, I will use its own words, “from the consignment shop to buy a Louis vuitton monogram”, another in Georgia plastic chanel brand in an underground passage. The latter could be the most liana line that liana has ever said.
How did I feel when I was wearing liana?
I think I’m trying to make my parents unhappy. Like a teenager in the fifties, playing a loose flower boy in the 1960s annoyed her parents. Only in this case, I became a cool Kiev chick. I found that my body was not inhibited by her clothes, which was reflected in my general character. “You don’t even bother to put it on your desk!” Vogue product director Eve MacSweeney observed. Perhaps because of the high level of positive feedback I received throughout the day, I felt confident that I was more “game” at our holiday party. I’m not sure, but I didn’t have a knife and fork to eat my pizza!
What did the others say?
My favorite reaction came from Ralph, a coffee bar on the 35th floor of the world trade center. Before I even opened my mouth, he stopped me with a very strange look. “How will you dress? You look like Liana. “Mission accomplished.
Should I dress more like lyanna? Not likely. However, I do know that we are beyond the superficial commonality of having a similarly sized black hair and loving retro. When we are working, our fashion thoughts are wandering. I was at my desk to remind myself to sit up like Jackie Kennedy. “You are a swan! I told myself. At the same time, she seemed to be making a scene at a corner of central Ukraine with her friends.


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