Flora Shedden’s ‘Star’ zucchini cake, along with other glittering scones for vegetable stuffing


He was the first year I did not spend the summer at home. Usually I come back from wherever I work or cook and find that Father is watering the tomato and pepper jungle he is cultivating. There is always a bounty, it will always come immediately.

I spent a lot of time looking for recipes to save all – tomato chilli sauce and fennel pickled cucumbers were collected. I admit, I think this is taken for granted. Now I live in an apartment above ARAN Bakery and I no longer have to take half a kilo of cherry tomatoes from the next room. Instead, I got very little childbirth from my mum and put on top of a tomato that we grow on the ledge for a week.
A couple of weekends before his father showed a good run in local horticulture and dug out four first and second. I doubt that I know my father, this may be the most exciting day in his life. This reminds me of the overcooked vegetables that often come at this time of the year and needs immediate attention.

We deal with the reward? Although I would wholeheartedly recommend saving it, only so much vinegar and sugar can clear the supermarket shelves before people raise their eyebrows. Then I made a totally vegetable-based menu – and a lot more. Oh, you can be a feast night.

Last week I spent an afternoon in Dunkink’s field, a community project that relies on delicious organic fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is fully run by volunteers, making their production even more impressive.

They have stalls selling their bounties (the perfect little pink spring onion that looks delicious, pomegranate salad through salad, kale like dark green velvet). They also host product competitions, including the longest Tati Peel and the best “vegetable head.”

As I am no longer classified as an amateur, I no longer enter the baking competition (which requires a vegetable as the main ingredient), but it does remind me of my favorite zucchini and lime cake. Technically different from carrot cakes, it is a softer sponge with a refreshing lemon or lemon sauce that counteracts the sweetness.

Trumpet ? Today I have a difference for your dinner menu, which should please vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Never waste slime and generosity – without any excuse.

This will be my philosophy at ALL ARAN Bakery’s ingredients: good products for seasonal use. I hope this menu will give you a little inspiration when harvesting vegetables.

But most importantly, I give you the courgette cake, because I think it is the star of the show.


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