Instant hot cacao suck, this is the starch’s fault. This is how to make yourself.


Just make sure to arrange your drink carefully next to the beautiful cookies and a spoonful of cocoa powder before Instagram.

There is a time, a place for instant hot cocoa. This is called “When you want this second, there is no better hand.” Hot chocolate mix is ??a good pinch, but the reality is that homemade varieties are more delicious and surprisingly easy to make. In addition, you can mix in bulk – because here to be honest, as long as a person wants to heat cocoa, others are the same.

Another advantage with the instant type is that homemade varieties require much less intense agitation. Causing cocoa powder to dissolve into a liquid can be challenging and often results in floating a small amount of particles on the top. This happens because cocoa is starchy and swells when you hydrate. Since dry cocoa particles tend to form clumps, the outer edges of each block get wet, expand, and close the interior, allowing the inner powder to dry, whenever you try to add milk or water. You can use a spoon to separate these lumps, but when you deal with a cup filled with liquid, some small sparrows will always escape your efforts. Heating the liquid helps, but usually you still get tiny clumps that make your hot cocoa grainy.

A better strategy is to first add a small amount of liquid to the dry ingredients and mix them into a paste. In smaller, less liquid situations, the clumps can not escape the spoon (or whisk), so it is easy to break them down and hydrate all the cocoa powder. Adding a mixture of sugars is also helpful because the sugar is readily soluble and helps to break the lysis-resistant cocoa mass.

Even if you escape from grainy problems, ready-to-eat hot chocolate does not add a lot of thickener, so it also takes some extra ingredients to make it look richer than it really is. Some mixtures are made with soy lecithin and other cornstarch. Some even have milk powder, so customers can mix the cocoa and water and have the look of some dairy products.

But, listen, it’s easy to make yourself easy to stir, natural rich hot chocolate. With this tip you will be a hot spot for your family reunion. That’s it.

2? cup milk
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
2 teaspoons sugar
Salt a little
2 ounce semi sweet chocolate
1? teaspoons vanilla extract
A word about the ingredients of your choice.

First: milk. Please do not use skim milk. Fat is a key part of making good hot chocolate and, frankly, the end product does not become low in fat. Use at least two percent (some recipes even say that use half or cream) for a richer flavor.

Second: cocoa powder. In most grocery stores, you will find “Dutch” and “unsweetened natural” varieties. The dehydrated (or processed Dutch) cocoa is washed with potassium carbonate solution to neutralize its acidity. What’s the difference? For recipes like hot chocolate, that does not matter. Dutched cocoa has a more mellow taste, while natural cocoa is more astringent.

However, in baked goods, dutched cocoa will make a different reaction in the oven. This is a basic recipe for baking soda with cookies or cakes and ferment them depending on the reaction with acids, such as the unspoken natural cocoa. The use of skim cocoa does not apply to those recipes, and neutral baking powder is required instead of soda. Anyway, for hot chocolate, I prefer this variant, but you can use whatever you want.

As for chocolate, you can feel free to use milk chocolate if you do not like the more intense taste of semi-sweet varieties. Serious chocolates can use darker chocolates, but frankly, cocoa has added a lot of deep-chocolate flavor, so be careful not to drink too much of the beverage. As for the form, you can use squares or chips, but the chips will be easier to mix in.

Put the cocoa, sugar and salt in the pan, then add a few tablespoons of milk. Heat low and mix the mixture to form a paste. If not all of the cocoa powder is mixed, add more fluid but not too much – the clumps will be harder to break up once you pour in the rest of the milk.
Add the rest of the milk and add heat to medium low. Add chocolate (chopped into small pieces if you do not use potato chips) and keep stirring until it melts into a liquid.
Keep heating until the mixture reaches a slight amount of simmer, but do not boil it fully. Boiling milk changes its protein structure, giving it a different flavor. In addition, it is easy to bubble and cause a huge mess on the stove.
Once everything is creamy and smooth, add the vanilla extract, mix with the stir and take a cacao hot.
service! Traditional cotton candy topping is great as always, but homemade cream is also fabulous. Just blow the heavy cream until it gets nice, thick, then add a little sugar.
Feel free to adjust your taste to this recipe. If too rich, add more milk. If not delicious, you can add a few more chocolate pieces. You can even add spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg to cheer for extra holidays.


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