Rice cooker version of chiffon cake


I remember that I haven’t bought an oven many years ago. I saw a lot of people using online cakes. The rice cooker feels very simple. I just try again than the gourd. Then there is nothing, and there is no concept to the cake of knowledge. It’s a burning desire, a pair of chopsticks, and the egg is called tired. It’s really hard to send. A dozen wrists are broken. Finally, the chopsticks can be made into eggs. In fact, it was still not delivered. The stiff place, this is really difficult to do by hand, the result is poured into a wet cake in the rice cooker, do not loose, suddenly lose confidence, so I dare not use the rice cooker to make cake, so I only bought one Oven and various tools.
Wright received a little cute little Iraqi makeup, the size of the tank is as big as the 6-inch cake mold we usually do, and then suddenly inspired me to challenge the rice cooker version of the cake, because the inexplicable technology is now next to the body I don’t understand anything like before, but I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’m almost missed. I opened a few cooking processes and thought it failed. The finished product is still very satisfactory. It’s very embarrassing. It’s softer and smoother than the oven. Less dry, small rice cooker is really convenient, non-stick effect is also very good to see how the color is even and beautiful, do not worry about the explosion. “
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
18 grams (added egg yolk)
Fresh milk
24 grams
Strong flour
a little
Supplementary material
Salad oil
24 grams
deal with
half an hour
Time consuming
Rice cooker version of chiffon cake for cooking steps
For the rice cooker version of the chiffon cake, Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.
Rice cooker version chiffon cake preparation steps: 2 2 egg yolk separation.
For rice cooker chiffon cake, add 3 egg yolks and sugar and mix well.
Rice cooker chiffon cake: 4 plus 4 milk.
To make a rice cooker chiffon cake, add 5, 5 cups of vegetable oil.
For the rice cooker version of chiffon cake: 6 6 sieve flour.
For rice cooker chiffon cake, stir up and down 7 and 7 until granules.
To make a chiffon cake for the rice cooker, mix 8 egg whites with sugar.
For rice cooker chiffon: 9,9, squeeze some lemon juice, then tap until you pull out the stiff mountain.
For rice cooker chiffon cake: 10,10, put half of the egg yolk mixture and mix well.
For rice cooker chiffon cake: 11 11 then pour the egg white batter and mix well.
For the rice cooker chiffon cake, pour 12 12 into the rice cooker, knock off the bubbles, and put them into the rice cooker.
Rice cooker version Qifeng cake steps: 13 13 I started the cooking process, it is 35 minutes, but the middle always jumps automatically, because the cake and steamed rice are different, there is no water below, it may automatically jump, so I pressed the cooking function three times, Then keep warm for 20 minutes and open the cake just right.


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