Rice cooker version of children’s yogurt


“Yogurt, a fermented dairy product made from fresh milk, pasteurized and then added with milk (fermenting agent) containing beneficial bacteria. Today this yogurt is lazy and does not require a yogurt yogurt machine. Just need a rice cooker is good, just need to thoroughly disinfect all the good instruments. It is not a big problem to make a successful yogurt. Today, the beautiful BB rice cooker brings yogurt and disinfection function, very convenient and simple design is very human. It is especially suitable for the use of high borosilicate glass jars. It is a glass jar, no paint, no impurities, no lead, cadmium and other heavy metals. It achieves a healthy aseptic effect, so that all the tools of yogurt are in contact with the necessary tools. So, it is best to use glass, some people worry that the coating is good for the baby is not healthy.”
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
Whole milk
600 grams
Child bacterial powder
1 g
Supplementary material
30 grams
Rice cooker version of children’s yogurt recipe steps
Steps for rice cooker version of children’s yogurt: 1 1 Prepare all the ingredients, I use children’s fungus powder, if not, you can use ordinary fungus powder
The procedure of rice cooker version of children’s yogurt: 2 2 rice cooker glass water tank after washing, add appropriate amount of water, rice rice is particularly good is high borosilicate glass water tank, is a glass water bottle, no coating, no impurities do not contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium To achieve a healthy aseptic effect, all the tools of the yogurt are exposed to the necessary sterility. It is best to use a glass instrument. Some people are worried that a coating will make the baby eat a lot of unhealthy.
Rice cooker version of children’s yogurt steps: 3 3 add water, and then put the function into the disinfection process, only need to disinfect for 20 minutes, this function is very convenient, do not need to take a large pot boiled water disinfection is very good, this design is very user-friendly.
To make a rice cooker version of a child’s yogurt, Step 4: All of the following tools need to be thoroughly disinfected, including spoons and small bowls.
Rice cooker version of children’s yogurt Steps: 5 5 When the pot is still hot, put the sugar into the pot, then pour a small amount of whole milk, stir until the sugar is completely melted
Steps for rice cooker version of children’s yogurt: 6 6 Then mix the remaining milk evenly, then put it slightly below 45 degrees to cool slightly. Note here that adding bacteria powder is the temperature can be normal temperature milk, but also 45 degrees, but Remember, no more than 45 degrees, yogurt and fungal powder can die and fail, can not enter the yogurt fermentation
Steps for rice cooker version of children’s yogurt: Take yoghurt after disinfection, and put a small amount of milk, add a small bag of fungus powder, the normal purchase amount is 1 gram is a small bag of bacteria powder, add 500-1000 grams of milk, if the child eats yogurt It is recommended that children use fungus powder, there is no common yogurt bacteria in the mouth, salty acid, and its products have children need nutrition. If it is not, you can also make pure yogurt bacteria powder.
Rice cooker version of children’s yogurt recipe steps: 8 8 first dissolve the fungus powder, then pour the original milk
Rice cooker version of children’s yogurt formula steps: the same BB rice cooker on September 9th, the beautiful BB rice cooker
Steps for rice cooker version of children’s yogurt: 10 10 lids, the function of yogurt on the lid of the panel, the default is 8 hours, so you can ignore it directly, wait until 8 hours to open, very convenient and simple
Rice cooker version of children’s yogurt formula steps: 11, 11, etc., use a spoon to pull out like tofu, if you stir a few times with a spoon, it will be very thick to pull thanks. Very delicate texture
Rice cooker version of the children’s yogurt formula: eat at 12 o’clock on the 12th, and add some dried fruit, very delicious, children are very fond of eating. It is worth noting that yoghurt is suitable for children over one year of age, but children under one year of age are not suitable for consumption. Your baby’s stomach is not mature enough to fit into yogurt.

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