Meat-end layer cake, as the name implies, has many layers and lots of minced meat patties. So the focus of this recipe is how to make a multi-layer cake, then what kind of meat stuffing, how to put the meat stuff into the cake, these It will be discussed in the following steps, if you have any questions, you can leave a message. The Chinese breakfast is mainly made of steamed buns and fried dough stick cake. This cake is full of energy, so the breakfast is very good.
Use gluten powder to make a layer of cake flour. The better the flour, the better the taste of the finished product. I like to use dumpling powder. The finished product is soft and chewy and tastes good. Single layer cake dough, I use cold water and noodles, you can also use semi-heat, that is, hot water half flour and cold water half flour, are very delicious. The dough should be slightly soft and the ratio of flour to water should be around 100 to 60. “
Ingredient details
Main ingredient
minced meat
Light soy sauce
Supplementary material
Thirteen incense
deal with
half an hour

Melaleuca meat pie processing steps

  1. Put the dough material into the cooked machine and start the dough mixing process to make the dough smooth and delicate. If you have time, it is best to let it stand for 20 minutes.
    Method steps for a layer of meat pie: 2 2 The dough is divided into two parts and taken into a round roll. You don’t have to use force, you can prepare for the filling by rolling to this point, and the cake will be better when it is slack and rolled.
    1, thousand layers of meat pie practice steps: 3, put 3 pork into the bowl, add light soy sauce, add salt, add thirteen incense, add onion chopped, stir well.
    Melaleuca Meat Pie: Roll 4 dough into a uniform pancake and spread it evenly over the meat.
    Method steps for a layer of meat pie: 5 5 Then cut four pieces of cake on the cake as shown, and stack the cake according to the combination of graphic methods.
    Method steps for a layer of meat pie: 6,6 and then flattening the roller.
    Formulation steps: 7 7 pots of oil to preheat, the pot and oil do not need to be too hot, put the cake into the pot, slowly fry the small fire, the bottom of the yellow fry, the process needs to cover.
    The steps of the layer of meatloaf: 8 pots that can be replaced by 8 knives can be eaten, delicious cakes with a bowl of porridge, very beautiful.


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