When I saw this product, I knew that Mercedes-Benz G was not a buggy, just a car!


Conquered the entire continent of Europe
Only Napoleon, who was defeated by the Russians, once said:
“There is no road in Russia, only direction.”
And this is the content of this article.
8 wd Avtoros Shaman
What exactly is this? Tank or armored car…

This is Avtoros Shaman
There may be a problem in your mind
Is this a tank or an armored vehicle?
No one thinks it is an SUV
Or suvs!

Talking about suvs
What we often think of is:
Toyota Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero, Suzuki Jimny,
JEEP wrangler, Mercedes G-class suv …
If you say “wild” a little bit, “hard” a little bit
You might think of Mercedes G63 AMG 6 by 6
After all, there are still two wheels
Off-road capability is growing exponentially!
So the problem is
Now 6 by 6 is so strong,
8 x 8 Avtoros shaman
Naturally more invincible!

But you must ask:
“Why is it so great to have so many wheels?”
In fact, early in the early days of the car
Someone found some wheels
It can effectively improve the ability and grip of the vehicle
That is,
The more wheels, the better the vehicle

The reason is easy to understand:
Have an extra set of wheels
The floor area of ??the vehicle will be larger
Therefore, the pressure per unit weight will be reduced
Off-road performance and ability to cross bad roads will naturally be stronger
That’s why it’s like a tank
Or an armored vehicle with six or eight or more wheels

And the Avtoros shaman as an 8 drive
Not only 8-wheel drive
He owns this car
8-wheel independent steering system close to horizontal operation
Because it can drive eight wheels
This means the axis of Avtoros Shaman
Can have a variety of lock combinations
Can courageously challenge the difficulties of uphill and downhill
And you don’t have to worry about what will happen

In the sharp corner
The last four wheels can be the opposite of the front wheels
This greatly reduces the turning radius
This makes it 6.3 meters long and 4.8 tons of body can be moved flexibly
Out of the devil’s road in various complex areas

It is worth mentioning that
Producer claims
Avtoros shaman at design time
Special tire
And reduce tire pressure
Try to avoid the impact of 8 wheels on the environment and the road
So it won’t abandon the airport
It also does not cause permanent damage to grasslands and forests that pass through it.
Although a tough guy
But it is so cute!

Even if it is big,
But I have a heart of gold.
Avtoros Shaman’s size is huge
So you might expect it to have a big engine
But for many Avtoros Shaman owners, what is actually embarrassing is:
Every time I talk to my friend about its engine
Just want to change the theme…

Avtoros Shaman from
Iveco’s 3.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine
The maximum power is 176 horsepower
It is connected to a six-speed manual transmission
The top speed is only 70 km / h

But these are not important
Because the weak motivation does not stop you from having fun.
After all, it’s not made for the road.
“Don’t go the usual way” is its motto of “life”!
You can grind the mountain, you can enter the water, the four heat is not fun
If you want to enjoy it better
Avtoros Shaman brought it to you
“fun” and “excitement”
Then stop the apron
It can ignore the law of car travel
Free roaming in various fields
Pick any surface
Avtoros shaman
You can always be fast or slow, or work hard or easy
Like to run over the mountains

When you sit in the cockpit two meters above the ground
You have nothing to worry about.
Activate eight laps
It gives you enough grip
Just like being able to enter the water

Avtoros Shaman can also install a propeller
Let it cross rivers and lakes
Not so fast
Only six kilometers per hour
About the same speed as our usual swimming
But not Mercedes G class
So this is cool

Sold in Russia
Avtoros Shaman is almost the same price
88,000 pounds
Although very expensive
But it is still cheaper than the G63 AMG 6 6
This is not just a man’s toy
Avtoros Shaman can also be used for a variety of purposes:
Such as outdoor rescue, fire, accident rescue, etc.
Even riot control…

it is good
Now you know Avtoros Shaman


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