The whole body exercises from the tone, the girl sculpted from head to toe


Leave it to tease girls Calina Dawn and Katrina Scott to create a really fun fat blasting exercise. We ask for the power to share one of their favorite body routines and provide first-rate results. They brought it. This workout includes the muscle size of the exercise for a complete burn.

Why fitness experts Karena and Katrina are known for their tonal training. Their practice is not only easy to follow, but also very effective. For example, consider the whole body circuit they made in this video. The first is starting from every muscle in the body, from the halal muscle to the oblique shoulder to the shoulders and beyond.

Once the dynamic extension of the Tone It Up team is completed, the real work can start, starting with a bikini strike that acts on the whole body. The strike part forces you to activate your shoulders, while the planks energize the core, with knees to the sides of the elbows touching the target’s body. Do not forget to squeeze your hips as you return to the standing bonuses.
Later, Karena and Katrina will take you through a giant toner like the triceps push-ups and side panels, stopping like a dog and a dolphin down.

Lower body movements such as curling the hamstrings of lying down, carving the back of the thigh and the bottom of the booty will make you hotter. Follow the pulse of the leg inspired by Barry, which will help regulate your muscles better. Win-win!


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