Off-road tough guy Mercedes-Benz G550, all-terrain off-road car, every man’s soul dream


The Mercedes-Benz benchmark is not just a s-class car, but also a man’s garage essential: Mercedes-Benz G-Class.
Class G is named after the letter G, and letter G is the first letter of the German Gelandewagen suv. It was originally used as a military vehicle but was later introduced into civilian vehicles. Class G has a simple and tough classic look and has been on the market since 1979.
Mercedes G550
The Mercedes G550 is a pure all-terrain SUV with a rugged appearance and an iconic three-ribbed chrome grille. The hard, straight body lines are completely tough off-road, and the design of the round headlights is very retro.
In addition to the slight tilt of the lid, the side is a “square box.” The door is also unique in its driving style. It is very mechanical and needs to be closed with force.
The most obvious rear side is the 19-inch wheel; his prominent taillights; the most obvious advantage of the big wheels is the improved passability, which can filter bumps, but the owner of the car is looking for a very masculine hard look and unique Three-bar differential lock technology and all-terrain off-road performance.
The rear seats are wrapped in the same way as the front seats, providing passengers with independent air conditioning vents and seat electric heating. The rougher the details, the more incompatible the modern urban life, which is the most attractive place for Mercedes-Benz G.
The use of each differential lock is different. The general situation is as follows: no need to use differential lock: straight road, ordinary road driving, at this time in the G four-wheel drive state;

Start differential lock 1 (central differential lock): Rotate the front and rear axles at the same speed. It is suitable for situations where the front and rear wheels are easy to slip on gravel or slightly pitted roads and small slopes.
Start differential lock 2 (rear axle differential lock): Make the speed of the two rear wheels the same as the speed of the front axle. It is suitable for situations where only one rear wheel has grip when encountering large rocks or potholes.
Start differential lock 3 (front axle differential lock): Make all wheels have the same power, suitable for extreme road conditions or all the same side of the wheel loses grip or only one wheel grip, suitable for desert driving or snow escape.

in conclusion:
When driving, it is important to note that when all three differential locks are activated, the four wheels will rotate at the same speed. At this time, high-speed cornering cannot be performed, otherwise the tire or axle will be seriously damaged or even the risk of rollover. . Open the differential lock 3 at least before turning.


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