Mercedes-Benz G-Class suv


As a man, I believe that no one will be disgusted with the g-like appearance of Mercedes. The square shape of Mercedes has attracted the hearts of countless people. In 2018, the g-class car is undergoing renovation. Although the exterior is still a classic square box, the details and interior have changed dramatically.

Many people say that the new G is getting more and more cute, but the headlights really make the tough guy a bit cute. the majestic aura will shock you, not to mention the nearby AMG G 63.

If you really want to play different games outside, I suggest you look at the interior. You can really play all day.

When I was sitting in the new G-Class SUV, I wondered if this s-class interior could really be used for g-class suv.

My body wants to leave the car to make sure I am on the wrong bus again, but when I open the door handle, it is like a sound filled with bullets pulling me back to reality.

A dual 12.3-inch HD display is not a novelty, but there is always something to put it in a g class. Designo’s leather dynamic multi-copy seats provide an excellent riding experience with a massage effect and a 64-color adjustable ambient light that is very luxurious and doesn’t look like a hard shell.

In addition to the obvious changes in the interior, the new G-Class has also undergone major changes in stealth models. The car weighs 170kg and the body stiffness is increased by 55%. The hydraulic power steering is electronically powered. Although the non-load-bearing body is still used, the front suspension becomes a double wishbone independent suspension, forgetting the steering wheel that was previously sweating. On-site, now G-level open and even girls can operate with one hand.

Leaving the paved road, Dunhuang soft sand seems to be the best playground, where you can better experience the next-generation G-class hard off-road performance. I did not hesitate to jump into the seat of AMG G 63 and prepared everything.

With the ignition button pressed, the 4.0 L V8 twin-turbo engine was immediately awakened and dedicated to the large displacement V8 engine with a uniquely strong opposition to the exhaust pipes from both sides of the body, with a maximum power of 430 kW and 850 Nasheng. The horror output of the meter is not decorated, stepping on the accelerator pedal, and each power is converted into a wheel to immediately roll the dust.

just activate a central differential lock. The flat desert is not as complex as the Schock graz, with a 241 mm high ground clearance and a powerful all-wheel drive system. To use three locks that are difficult to manufacture at the same time, you need to rely on yourself.

Looking at the smoke coming from behind the car, looking at the luxurious interior of the palace, I seem to have a new understanding of off-road, can the original off-road be so comfortable and comfortable? However, the high price will make the beautiful box a few toys, just like you will wear a pair of cheap and durable basketball shoes instead of the expensive Air Jordan to play basketball. The G-class suvs are in the hearts of fans there are totems, goods work or Other things or other people!


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