Mercedes-Benz G500 will challenge extreme road conditions in 2019


The 19 Mercedes-Benz G500 follows the original form of the new model, but the new LED lighting technology has been added. The shape of the round headlights and the classic turn signals on both ends are preserved, providing a sense of direction for parking. The c-shaped taillights are loyal to the past. Rearview mirrors also have a more aerodynamic circular shape that reduces wind noise during driving.
After the new reforms, the interiors of the 19 Mercedes-Benz G500s are luxuriously decorated and magnificent. Excellent quality and exquisite technology are vividly reflected in the car. Excellent detail is an important principle in interior design.

The car is decorated in dark and mahogany, the black leather sports seat is very comfortable, the steering wheel is wrapped in high-grade leather, and the touch is extremely delicate. Equipped with mahogany decorative control platform, the atmosphere is stable and the overall texture is improved. There are a variety of buttons, each functioning like a luxury car.
The 19 Mercedes G500 models stand out with their classic and timeless rigid body, but the interior has been completely remodeled. The new generation of Mercedes-Benz G-Class has greatly enhanced the luxury experience and driving comfort, while ensuring off-road performance and striving to achieve self-breakthrough. Top off-road vehicles, pure off-road vehicles, off-road performance is definitely the leading position in the industry, the interior space is good, the space is very suitable, the sound insulation effect is good, and there is not much discomfort when the vehicle speed exceeds the speed. 19 new Mercedes-Benz G500 models with super high speed and powerful off-road tools


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