Mercedes G500 is an unmanageable large men’s dream SUV


Mercedes-Benz Big G is positioned in a large pure hard off-road vehicle, in the heart of every man’s dream, a big g because of its mechanically sturdy design, and the other is performance, because it says it will be off-road before it will It is tantamount to playing a long-handled sword in front of the Duke, and usually swears at the way of traveling. Lulu is a pupil in front of it. With strong feelings and strength, big g always evokes the resonance of drivers or bystanders.
The design of the Mercedes-Benz g500 is very heritage. After several generations, it is still the same. The classic square box shape is very recognizable. The front face is high and steep, the horizontal net, the large mirror mark, the round headlights, and the two front and rear turn signals in the machine room are stylish, retro and stylish. The sides of the car are square and angular, and the windows are large and clear. The scratch-resistant strip continues from front to back, and the back end is straight and strong. Look at the absolute poisoning.

In terms of power, the g500 is equipped with a 4.0t twin-turbocharged v8 engine with a maximum power of 310 kW and a maximum torque of 610 nanometers. The gearbox is equipped with a 9-speed manual with a time of 5.9 seconds.

Chassis, non-load-bearing body structure, front fork double fork rear integral bridge, full-time four-wheel drive, filter vibration is more tough, compared with the old version, the new version is much softer, but still has a very clear sense of the road, Full support. The rear of the front three differential locks basically allows it to cross the level encountered by the mountain road.

Interior, new, greatly increased the luxury of the g500 interior, the dual screen in the Mercedes-Benz series has been applied, the daisy-style air conditioning socket has a unique style, the large area of ??the central area silver metal bag has quite The texture, the secondary bridge has always maintained a thick handrail, the command channel of the central passage is pretending to be flexible, and the full control of the bottom of the small quartz clock also highlights all levels.

As for the price, the Mercedes-Benz g500 bare car price is 1.558 million yuan, about 400,000 yuan. The terminal bare car price is about 1.95 million yuan, and the total price is 2.2 million yuan. For the average consumer, this may be their life’s dream.
Driving such a car, first of all, can get enough facial feeling, the spiritual enjoyment is excellent, in addition to the power of the dragonfly, the excellent vision, and the luxurious indoor atmosphere, can truly provide a good experience. The face of Mercedes Grand Klez is a car. After you drive, the little sister is willing to make friends with you, and there is a car that you experience worse after driving.


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