Speaking of luxury cross-country, also want to run a big G


Class G is the most powerful all-terrain SUV in the family and is one of the strongest brands among all car brands. Its simple shape and classic off-road style and the large space in the same trade are the reasons people like this car.

The appearance of the Mercedes off-road mainly emphasizes its tough style and excellent off-road capability, repeating the most attractive car aspect with the same design. The sharp corners and the square body of the car describe the style of this Mercedes-Benz G-Class. New improvements are the three-way front grille and the new LED headlights, which give the car a new look.

As a member of the Mercedes family, with a 100-year history, interior design will naturally become the classic elegance concept of Mercedes-Benz. What we see on this G-Class is a superb craftsmanship and a new luxury. The two large-size LCD screens added to the new car will make people marvel at these two new technologies once they enter the car. The location is very close to the driver’s area, and the two large screens are very convenient and clear when connected together. All seats made of high-grade leather have a sense of command and are completely ergonomic, giving the driver an extraordinary experience, no matter which way they have a very quiet experience.

As a luxury and advanced off-road vehicle, you must pay the most attention to its off-road performance. The high-torque V8 petrol engine, twin-turbocharged and low fuel consumption features, and a variety of kinetic energy outputs allow the car to adapt to different needs. Three fully locked differential locks allow the car to adapt to any terrain and travel on any road.

After decades of prosperity, the Mercedes G-Class has seen more and more G-Class SUVs on the way. It can be seen that the position of the Mercedes G-class in the luxury SUV cannot be shaken. What age development can have an SUV, Mercedes G-class will not be as disappointing as his friends, because Mercedes-Benz from the domestic sales of the pillars, Xiao Bian believes that the upcoming new Mercedes G-class will bring fashion.


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