Off-road weapons! This car is more exciting than Mercedes G!


When it comes to hard SUVs, people will definitely think of Benz unimoc, Benz G and Jeep the wrangler. They are not only square and sturdy, but also have powerful dynamic performance and off-road capability. Men are attracted to them, while women are screaming at them. But if that’s not enough, then if you want a harder car, you can do a lot of things. It doesn’t look like the car you see on the street because you can call it a tank.

The Ripsaw EV2 is the mass market light tank of the US company Howe & Howe technologies, the “deluxe version” of the Ripsaw EV2 series. There are many options, the price is 295,000 US dollars, is definitely a luxury toy.

Maybe you are on this tank car and some weird, but after watching the movie is still below, you may remember – the car has appeared in the fast and passion 8, remote control by the technical team TEJ, strong power and ability to pass it in order to make it The unimpeded flow on the ice, the same action scene explosion played quite a lot of fun.

In addition to the Ripsaw EV2, most vehicles are aimed at the military sector, such as the Ripsaw MS2 UGV, the Ripsaw MS3 UGV, which is responsible for extremely complex tasks such as personnel escorts, border patrols, rescues, etc., and its own remote control. The function (up to 1 km) allows soldiers to be protected from injury and maximizes the safety of the armed forces.

Go back to the consumer Ripsaw EV2. Born in 2015, the Ripsaw EV2 has won the favor of many consumers for its excellent off-road capability and good dynamic performance. Popularity is Howe & Howe technology launched three advanced models in 2018 – single-seat EV3F1, two-seat EV3F2 and four-seat EV3F4 Ripsaws.

The exaggerated design makes the Ripsaw EV2 look unique. The left and right rails not only have excellent cross-country crossing, but also have very attractive visual effects. LED lighting systems are used for the front and roof. Flat headlights and wedge headlights are powerful. In addition, the way the door is opened also adopts the gull-wing type, which makes reasonable use of the space and captures enough eyeballs in the shape.

Entering the car, the Ripsaw EV2 creates a strong fighting atmosphere with long, flat Windows and rich instrumentation data display projects. It seems to enter the cockpit of the aircraft in a state of paralysis. In addition, the shape of the steering wheel is not a regular circle, and the design of the F1 may be more stimulating to the driver’s desire to drive.

Despite its fierce look, the car is powered by the Duramax 6.6-liter diesel engine with a maximum power of 760 hp and a top speed of 105 km/h. In addition, the Ripsaw EV2 has a 150-liter fuel tank that is large enough to meet the huge fuel consumption requirements, as its 100-kilometer fuel consumption is about 30 liters.

It is reported that the price of Ripsaw EV2 is as high as 1.779 million yuan, and the number is limited. Even if you qualify, it will be six months before the new monster appears at your doorstep. Read your article, do you have a heart?


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