The world’s four most cattle SUV


Small make up asks you a question, what is success? For ordinary people, we get good grades when we are young. After class, we can get stable jobs, earn his first bucket of gold, have stable income every year, have stable families, have happy families. For many people, it is a success. When we have a certain economic foundation, we may choose to buy some cars as a means of transportation. Many people like to buy SUV cars. The car we launched today is an SUV. Before age 50, if you drive any of the cars, you will be the winner of life, let’s take a look at this model four. The world’s four most popular SUVs, Mercedes G can only continue, control life without regret.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4
When I came to the Mercedes-Benz car, many people felt that the Mercedes-Benz’s work performance was dismantled. The Mercedes G-Class sedan, the SUV is world-famous, driving SUV, his strong performance, strong energy. Give you a better driving experience, look at the outside of the car, there are a lot of lines in the car, make the car look more tough, the engine is powerful, can bring enough power in the off-road process, it is very suitable for traveling by car People, look at the configuration, the standard version of the model, it uses a v8 engine, when you drive at 1700 rpm, the two cars can produce 310 kW peak power, 421 horsepower, the maximum torque of 610 Newton.

Third place: a Jeep fighter any people will say that the rider of the car, he is the third, many people, will feel uncomfortable in the heart, these horse-riding cars, its price is not very expensive, in fact, it is not very cheap, 500,000 can buy a good car However, people are different in their pursuit. Some people like to buy an SUV. They drive on the mountain. It has a very strong grip. A four-wheel drive will give you more power, wind and rain, and momentum. This car has black technology and you can manually connect to two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive while driving, there are more options.

No. 2, Hummer h1, the price is unknown
You may hear that the Hummer will think of this brand, the army is especially a Hummer, we can see it in the game, Hummer, beautiful appearance, giving people a strong feeling, very powerful, of course, automotive aluminum alloy, thick steel plate His advantage is that when you open some bumps on the road, the car, you can, let you in the car, feel the nuts, can maintain high stability, the car, there, v, 6.5 liter, eight-cylinder diesel engine, the power can reach With 170 horsepower and a maximum torque of 40.1 GTM, his engine is a 6.5-liter turbocharged diesel engine. When you step on the gas pedal, he can send 190 horsepower and torque to 53.3 GTM. If there is a heavy drag behind it, it can Drag and drop, can reach more than four tons, civilian or very few, this car is mainly provided by the US military, so the price of this car is still unknown.

First place, Mercedes unimoc, the price is unknown
This car has a long history. If the car owner used it as a small truck, it looks like it is not big. However, the sparrow is small and comprehensive. He also uses a lot of cars. For example, you can use it in the countryside instead of the tractor. You can drive on the road, you can use some cargo trailers, electricity is needless to say, this car is definitely very very, can adapt to very strong shutdown – road conditions, the best model, no doubt is the car


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