Mercedes GLS450


18 imported Mercedes-Benz GLS450 models are currently the hottest hottest models in parallel imported models.

The 18 Mercedes GLS450s are still tough, the forward grille has a double horizontal vertical banner design, and is equipped with a large LOGO in the center. The 18 Mercedes GLS450 headlights adopt the latest family design style. LED daytime running lights, with the new front bumper and chrome trim, 18 Mercedes GLS450 looks fiercely declared.

As the luxury flagship, the 18 Mercedes GLS450 is a suit that combines powerful off-road performance with a comfortable riding experience. Unlike the G-class, the way to do things is a scene that can handle any high-end SUV. Parallel import version is more obvious than the rules in terms of performance and cost performance. This is the parallel imported car on the market. The main reason for the immortality is that the quality of the parallel imported Mercedes is consistent and reliable from the old GL level to today’s GLS.

The Mercedes-Benz GLS450 uses a taillight group, a full LED light source, and a new style exhaust pipe bumper that has been adjusted to meet the current design philosophy of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The new generation GLS SUV offers nine different body color options, including obsidian black metallic paint. The addition of the GLS450, along with the current family’s uniform grille and a more stylish rear design, make the GLS SUV look younger than its predecessor, the GL.

The 18 Mercedes GLS450 models feature a new home design language. The winged wing-shaped chrome strip is more noble through the air intake grille and the hollow solid triangular star emblem. The internal structure of the headlight group has been adjusted and integrated with the LED daytime running lights, even during the day. The new Mercedes-Benz GLS450 has fewer front lines and its minimalist style makes the new GLS extraordinarily spectacular. The side bottom of the body is basically the same as the existing model. The body is slim and tough, the front and rear fenders are prominent, full of power


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