Mercedes G-Class domineering off-road.


I believe that many of my friends will have a transnational dream, so many people want a high-performance, high-pretend bility suv. The current automotive market reputation, sales online off-road models including Toyota series overbearing, Lu patrol, FJ, Nissan Tule Y62, lexus LX570, JEEP hegemony, Land Rover car drive, found, etc., then have a high pretend bility model is from Mercedes Crossing the mountains, Master Bashan
Water omnipotent God off-road vehicle: Mercedes G-Class off-road vehicle, and explained the role of today, many friends like to cross-country will consider starting Mercedes-Benz G-Class off-road vehicles when economic conditions permit, so many friends do not Know how to choose, let me introduce, I hope you can help you. Parallel import Mercedes – Mercedes-Benz G-series SUVs are available in G300, G350, G500, G550 and 4 x 4 models. There are five versions: European, Ink, US, Middle and Canadian. European models include the G350 and G3504×4, G500 and G5004×4, of which the G350 is only a diesel engine. The ink models are: G350 and G3504×4, G500 and G5004×4, of which G350 is only diesel. The US models are only: G550 and G5504×4 Middle East models are: G300 and G500, G5004×4, of which G300 is the only military version of Mercedes-Benz, the real pure SUV, the original military off-road chassis, especially for the German army,

For example, the United States has strict requirements for vehicle safety, so the safety of US-supervised vehicles is relatively reliable. Because Americans like to choose vehicles, the United States requires a lower vehicle configuration that is very low. The Middle East is resistant to high temperatures, and the Middle East has better heat resistance, but many models do not have leather seats and seat heating.


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