It is worthy of being an unfettered Frenchman. DS has created a grin and super run. The compulsive watch can’t stand it.


The word “supercar” is not only reminiscent of its handsome appearance, but also reminds people of its powerful performance. However, due to the limitations of traditional internal combustion engines, many manufacturers even have the dream of super sports cars, but they do not have the strength to make super sports cars. However, the rise of new energy has made many people see hope. In the power system, the three-electric technology is more difficult than the engine and transmission technology. Especially for domestic brands, there are more opportunities to achieve corner overtaking. For example, Baic has produced an excellent supercar arcfox-7, as well as the newly released prospects K50 and EP9, which are representative examples of domestic electric supercars. Although the sports car began to enter the public eye on a large scale, the neutral symmetrical geometric design is almost the bottom line that cannot be broken. However, the legal DS actually produced something that did not fit the symmetry aesthetic of the sports car, completely subverting the traditional aesthetic concept!

If the car’s asymmetrical design principle was first used in appearance, then the asymmetrical aesthetic appeared as early as the 1940s and 1950s. It was a familiar motorcycle with three wheels and a pocket. From this point of view, the asymmetrical shape of the car design is completely consistent with the mechanical engineering, but people have become accustomed to the aesthetics of symmetry, and the asymmetric design of the car really felt too ugly at first.

Although the asymmetrical appearance makes us want to crush cars, especially those with Occupying Obsessive-compulsive disorder, it can cause seizures. But it is undeniable that the unrestrained French are very complicated in design. DS is a unique style super sports car, designed to be exquisite, does not make people feel that it is just random graffiti, even cool to very cool. Although the front of it is inclined, the so-called grille is tilted to the left side of the vehicle, but it cannot be called a grille, but a car logo is placed therein. The interior is inlaid with a black mesh design, white polka-dot shape, and the two sides are extremely exaggerated, with a spider-like white grid decoration, which is unobstructed. You might look at this and say why there is no light? In fact, these white squares are the light source. Does it dazzle when it’s turned on?

This is not just the front asymmetry of the car. Even the two seats in the car are separate cabins shaped like airplane cabins. In fact, the car was originally designed with only one seat, optional for passenger seats, and no cockpit glass. Asymmetry has also been accepted, whether to buy a super sports car is to flirt with her sister, this next one does not hold the girl’s hand, can only let the girl in the wind feel messy, I do not know if I want to break up after getting off the car ~

In the interior, it is completely equipped with space capsule design, embracing the type of central control and cockpit seat, reflecting the ultimate sporty style, sporty open steering wheel, full leather case, personalized color matching, DS this super sports car completely Can’t find the reality of cheesy shadows. This definitely makes you feel like you are driving a plane.

In terms of power, the DS super sports car is driven by mainstream pure electric power. It is said to be equipped with 4 hub motors with a maximum total power of 1,341 hp. Moreover, it can achieve driverlessness. So the personalized construction, as people say, this future super sports car, the people who can own it must be different!


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