Ferrari’s new super sports car P80 / C released!


Just last night, Ferrari officially released a highly customized Ferrari supercar in Hong Kong – P80 / C. This car is the only one in the world designed for Hong Kong customers. Since 2015, the project has been completed, which is the longest time-consuming project in Ferrari’s custom models.
This car is based on the Ferrari 488 GT3 and is a race, which means it has no legal road surface, so your chances of seeing it on the street are almost zero.
Unlike the 488 GT3, the P80 / C features a new body design inspired by classic models such as the 330 P3 / P4 and Dino 206 S. The new car is aerodynamic and aggressive with a split carbon fiber front lip as it does not require driving on the street. Combined with the holes in the hood, the blinds on the wheel arch and the huge tail, the carding of the moving vehicle can be said to the extreme.
In addition, the most eye-catching must be the large air intake behind the door, to a certain extent the performance of the car. In addition, the P80 / C uses Ferrari’s classic five-pointed star rim to ensure a sporty feel while maintaining style and elegance.

In terms of interior decoration, it is completely built of racing cars, using the steering wheel of the racing car and the excellent packaging bucket chair. The inside is also welded with a roll cage. The vehicle only has an LCD panel on the dashboard to display various states of the vehicle. The center console only has Various adjustments to physical buttons.
In addition, the car’s specific power parameters have not been officially announced, is expected to be consistent with the power of the 488 GT3, and the price of the car has not been officially announced by Ferrari, but must be invaluable.


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