The new super sports car unveiled the secret sword of ARCFOX to fight high-end Geneva


Recently, the ARCFOX brand officially announced that it will be launched in the world brand for the first time at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, and elaborated on the brand idea of ??“Breaking the World by Nature” and will unveil its two new climaxes – ending the smart model. These include a new all-electric supercar, powered by six electric motors that accelerates to 100 kilometers in just 2.59 seconds.

At the Geneva Motor Show, ARCFOX will also launch two high-end models, including an updated version of the new generation of pure electric supercars. The body structure is coordinated and orderly, the overall contour is full of tension and strong body lines, which has a great impact on visual effects. . The spoiler stands at the back of the car, demonstrating its high-profile internal sway, and the low-lying chassis reveals its powerful super sports car performance.

ARCFOX’s new generation of super sports cars will be powered by six powerful engines, creating a new speed record of 2.59 seconds per 100 kilometers, enough to surpass the world supercar circle. The adjustable suspension is used to adjust the chassis height according to the motion state of the vehicle and the road conditions, fully meeting the daily street driving requirements.
With the advent of a new generation of super sports cars, ARCFOX’s first home concept car will be released at the same time, which is a new generation of intelligent pure electric vehicle platform derived from forward-looking development. Its release indicates that ARCFOX’s mass production car era is accelerating.

In addition to the global launch of brands and models, ARCFOX also adheres to the design philosophy of “Unbounded Aesthetics”, and the forward-looking imagination shows the design charm of future models. “Unbounded Aesthetics” is the perfect interpretation of ARCFOX’s “Breakthrough Limit”, breaking the shackles of traditional design and making the aesthetics of car design simple and pure. World legendary car designer Walter De Silva will personally release the ARCFOX brand, explaining more details of the “Unbounded Aesthetics” design concept.


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