As a classic super sports car, Ferrari FF has obvious advantages and is still very popular today.


Maybe for every man, car is a kind of nature. We all want to have another small house. When you are very busy, you can let yourself get a moment to rest. When you drive, the world is a person. owner. For whatever reason, more and more people like cars and cars. Therefore, I don’t think you will be familiar with the world famous supercars. For example, today I will tell you about the Ferrari FF.

For Ferrari, the brand cars you are not familiar with are very familiar, but people don’t know a few, basically they are well known, because sports are either “civilian” or outstanding performance, really surpassing many brand super sports cars. Everyone knows that it can’t leave their promotion style very effectively. But this is more critical to their own benefits, although they make them the only flaws in production, but this is a key reason why they can ensure the quality of their vehicles. Today, Xiaobian made up for the Ferrari FF, but at the time, the classic classic It is also one of the four major sports cars, and a car is their brand, breaking the front and rear wheels of the previous two-wheel drive car, is also a very memorable super sports car.

A good friend of English learning should easily want to understand the meaning of the Ferrari FF name. Yes, the name of the Ferrari FF is based on the Ferrari four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The abbreviation is the first F of Ferrari itself, and the second one is rich at the same time. The correspondence is four in English and is also the Chinese meaning of the four meanings. It can be said that the car at the time is very meaningful in the name. Of course, the key is that the car itself is more “innovative” than Ferrari, which is a major innovation.

Although the Ferrari FF has been on the market for seven years, it did bring a new concept of the GT sports car to many super sports cars at the time. It can be said that this was a subversive breakthrough in the original concept of the “super sports car world” at the time. It can be said that this is a real innovation. The new design allows many people to line up, which makes the brand car due to the time of classic design, even if it has been a long time, but it is still a very classic super sports car model, both of which are indeed anyway It is worthy of being like a super sports car, everything is inseparable from our chief designer.

At the time, the idea of ??designing the car was to let people still use supercars in the winter. It is assumed that we all know that it will snow and freeze in winter. If the front and rear wheels are driven in only one direction, the car will easily slide or remain stationary. And our super sports car effectively solves this problem. Her controversial design allows for work to be separated before and after, even if the rear or front wheels are slipping, the vehicle can still rely on the other side to give force, which is largely due to the owner’s offer. A lot of convenience, but also a person is willing to move home “home” in the cold winter.

His four-seat design makes this model a very standard home model at the time. This is a very user-friendly design that has attracted many buyers. In terms of interior space, vehicles also provide a more comfortable environment for people. In terms of space design, they also have the opportunity to provide people with a large space to put luggage, which is indeed called another “home.” What’s more beneficial for this car is that its design is also very bold, in line with the needs of men’s vehicles. It is indeed a very human car.

In terms of vehicle comfort, the owner can also experience a very superior combination of people and cars. After all, the steering wheel of this car is based on people’s ergonomics, which is the main selling point of this car. Of course, as our super sports car, it’s faster, the dual-clutch gearbox can reach seven speeds, and according to official statistics at the time, the speed has increased by 22%. What’s more, even if the car’s body is much heavier than many other super sports cars, it can accelerate up to 100 kilometers in the stationary lane at 3.7 seconds per hour, as much as other super sports cars.

The only thing that satisfied the driver was the Ferrari FF, which not only reduced the fuel consumption compared to previous years, but also reduced the air pollution index, which is another big selling point. In any case, it is a very super sports car. Although it was a super sports car a few years ago, it is still a classic and worthy of people’s love.


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