A new generation of super sports car, released by Ferrari SF90 Stradale


Ferrari’s new hybrid super sports car – SF90 Stradale official image release: the new car is Ferrari’s first mass-produced plug-in hybrid car. It also pays tribute to Ferrari’s 90th anniversary. It is located between the middle and rear F8 Tributo and LaFerrari.
New aerodynamic design concept
The SF90 Stradale features a new look. In addition to the existing classic elements, the new car also includes matrix LED headlights for the first time. The new aerodynamic design is the biggest highlight of the SF90 Stradale appearance, while the rear end, the car’s volume ratio, the headlights adopt a new C-shaped design, the front air intake still retains the contour of the Ferrari’s unique style, the side line More complex movement feel, the tail is equipped with a baffle that can be adjusted to adjust the air flow to the roof, reduce air resistance and increase pressure. When the speed is 250 km / h, it can generate 390 kg of pressure.

Digital interior
The interior of the SF90 Stradale also features the new Ferrari family design concept, more digital design elements, and unprecedented changes in ergonomics and human-machine interface. The most striking is the multi-function steering wheel with touch screen and a large number of touch buttons and the 16-inch curved LCD instrument panel that was first used in the automotive industry. The SF90 Stradale is also the first to use a keyless start switch that will be used in all Ferrari models in the future.
Hybrid frame and new weight reduction technology
The SF90 Stradale is based on a newly developed lightweight platform with a vehicle weight of 1570KG. Unlike the F8 Tributo chassis, the chassis of the new car has been redesigned to combine a variety of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and high-strength aluminum alloy with advanced hollow casting technology. Compared to the existing Ferrari architecture platform, the SF90 Stradale chassis has a 20% increase in bending stiffness and a 40% increase in torsional stiffness.

Ferrari’s most powerful turbocharged V8 engine
The SF90 Stradale’s driving force is a V8 turbocharged engine consisting of a 3.9T + three plug-in hybrid system with a combined maximum output of 1000 and a sage ratio of 1.57 kg/piece. The V8 turbocharged engine From the 488 Pista, it is the most powerful V8 engine history, but the SF90 Stradale has been upgraded and optimized. The V8 engine cylinder diameter has been increased to 88 mm, and the emissions have increased from 3,902 to 3,990 cc. Exhaust system, a new narrow cylinder head with central injector and direct injection gasoline design, with a first injection pressure of up to 350 bar, the V8’s maximum output power is increased to 780 RPM and the peak torque is increased to 800 nm.

Three electric motors, pure electric drive
Two of the three motors are located on the front axle and can operate independently and the other between the engine and the rear gearbox. The technology is derived from the MGUK of Formula 1 racing. The maximum combined output of the three motors is 220. In pure electric mode, the engine is stopped and driven by two motors in the front axle with a maximum speed of 135km / h and a maximum travel of 25km in pure electric mode.

New 8-speed wet double clutch gearbox
The new car is equipped with a newly designed 8-speed wet double-clutch gearbox, which is 20% smaller than the existing gearbox outer diameter, 7KG lighter, 35% higher clutch performance, 15mm lower mounting height and lower drive center. 15 mm. Compared to the seven-speed gearbox, the new gearbox has increased the eighth gear and the peak torque has increased by 20% to 900 nanometers. At the same time, city and high-speed fuel consumption decreased by 8%, and track performance increased by 1%. Dynamic torque of up to 1200 n·m can be transmitted during shifting operations. Thanks to the new generation of drive hydraulics, the total filling time of the clutch is only 200 milliseconds and the shifting time is 30% faster than before.

The first Ferrari four-wheel drive
The SF90 Stradale is also the first Ferrari sports car with a four-wheel drive system. The 0-100km / h acceleration time is 2.5 seconds, the 0-200km / h acceleration time is 6.7 seconds, the top speed is 340km / h, and the Fiorano circuit ring is faster than rafa. Seconds of time.

Four driving modes
The SF90 Stradale offers four driving modes: eDrive (pure electric) mode, hybrid mode, performance mode and limited mode.

New eSSC electronic side slip angle control system
In order to make the new car have more control to the extreme, Ferrari integrated high-voltage control system, engine/gearbox control system and power performance control system with vehicle control system to develop a new eSSC electronic side-slip angle control system, turning grip and stable speed. Sexuality, traction and kinetic energy recovery have all been improved.


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