This is why Honda is so terrible!


If the large displacement heavy machine is a sports car in a motorcycle, the imitation motorcycle is a super sports car or a quasi-racing car. Not only do they look great, but they also have the power to easily beat their four-rounders. Honda is a two-wheeled Juggernaut. Not only did they perform well in the four rounds, but they also had significant strength in the two rounds. The RC213V is the flagship model of the Honda motorcycle and the star of the semi-finals. It has the price of a luxury car and the performance of a super sports car. Let’s see!

It has a very streamlined appearance, a muscular, sturdy look, and its iconic red, white and blue palette makes it very easy to identify. It has no headlights on the front and the headlights remain in the flat air intake, which looks very fierce.

The front suspension features two long and thick Ohlins TTX25 shockproof, gold-coloured coatings that are exceptionally bright, large-size Brembo disc brakes with plenty of venting holes, 320mm diameter is very handsome, and 17-inch wheels are made of magnesium alloy. The use of Bridgestone RS10 bald hot melt adhesive is basically the standard configuration of the car.

The details are also very refined. The frame is hand-crafted by argon arc welding, and the body aerodynamics are made of carbon fiber and are made of titanium alloy bolts. In addition, it also has a technology-filled LCD dashboard.

With a power of 212 hp and a weight of less than 200 kg, the V4 can easily beat the top supercars that most fans are familiar with, including Ferrari and Bugatti. It also features advanced electronic systems such as electronic shifting and traction control, as well as five different driving modes.

The rear shock absorber is also the Ohlins TTX36, which is made of a thick aluminum alloy arm. The exhaust pipe is a very windy single style with a very large diameter and a deadly LED taillight.

As a motorcycle, its price also surpasses the horizon. In North America, the price is $184,000, while in Europe it is as high as $190,000, which is equivalent to more than $1.5 million. This is also the price that ordinary people can’t afford in a four-wheel world.

And it’s not just a limited edition car that you can buy with money. It is a super weapon that only a handful of wealthy fans can have. I believe many people will drool when they see them.


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