Do you know what a supercar is?


The super sports car, referred to as the super sports car, is a familiar sight, especially for those who are impressed by its cool look and unbeatable speed. After the first thought of buying a super sports car, even many people have certain economic strength.
But what does a supercar mean?
I think most people are confused.
In fact, there are some classification methods for super sports cars. Let’s take a look.
Super sports car
In fact, it was originally used to describe Lamborghini miura. As the name suggests, the super sports car is a high-performance sports car. The normal club standard is 100 km acceleration no more than 4 seconds and a limit speed of 300. At this speed, the average person thinks it is no different from the plane. Many four-wheel-drive supercars start like f1, and some even surpass it.

Lamborghini Miura
He said that the super sports car is the reason why many friends are obsessed. Lamborghini, the king of posters in the super sports car industry, is basically one of the fires.
The home of sports car enthusiasts has never lost a Lamborghini poster. In the words of tg, the Lamborghini car is a crazy fancy supercar. First of all, you should draw the design of the super sports car. Due to various aerodynamic designs, the whole vehicle will cover various intake lines, so it is not too much to say that the super sports car is a work of art.
In addition, in pursuit of extreme sports, the super sports car will completely abandon all kinds of comfort functions. According to some people who have driven the cows, this car is really like a cow, not a professional racer.

Hurricane Lamborghini
In fact, there is another super sports car.
Super car
The ultimate boss, the top dog in the car world, everyone has the speed of the plane. The most familiar Bugatti is a super sports car with 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers, 01 seconds and 2.8 seconds. The fastest super sport can reach a ridiculous speed of more than 440, which is equivalent to the takeoff speed of the fighter.
The most shocking is konigsegg one:1, the world’s first 1 horsepower thrust race car, accelerates from 0 to 400 kilometers in 20 seconds, and the rear wheel idles 100 kilometers.

Koenigsegg one: one
These cars are ultimately in existence, producing only a small or even only one. Bugatti, pagani and koenigsegg are among the world’s leading sports car manufacturers
In addition, huayra’s turbines are very powerful and can hear explosions.
The supercar is basically like this: the shape is highly recognizable, you can see at a glance that the 458 is a crater; super power, 500 hp, 4 seconds 01 and 300 speeds;
It is loud and cool


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